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Doctor Doctor Give Me The News

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I'm a one eyed horned flying purple dalkek eater.

Rank, Name, Members, Membersthatmatter, PureStrength, Relativestrengthnumber, WorthAsAnAlliance, Anarchy, Infrastructure that's not crumbled, Technology Levels, Nuclear Arms not hidden from inspectors

11) DALEK Task Force 12 9 97560 8130 14.81 3 21263 3031 9
12) New Purple Order 10 6 97951 9795 12.9 0 20883 2544 10

Also I wanted to work in a joke, about how we'll move up in the ranks (to the coveted 11th spot). So war until we overtake their rank.

If our blitz surprises you, we wanted to go easy on them because we know our war is fair, but we want to give them a chance to attack back first. As is fair in war. We'll do a limited blitz, and allow the enemy 30 seconds to properly retaliate. Followed up with any followups they may have. We break at the top of the hour.

I haven't done this in a while. If my post was even worth reading, then I've done my job.

Please leave your comments along with your commentary below.

I bless you, gesundheit.
/s/ Owner of an AA.

P.S. Looking for more material for this DoW, I just wanted to say, this DoW has nothing to do with defending defenseless one man AAs from Dealeck aggression. This war was simply bad timing. We hope their police actions involving any one nation AAs do not significantly affect their ability to defend from our war. After two weeks, I think we're both well rested. I hope no one thinks I'm trying to take advantage of the Robotic scourge, but simply trying to conduct war as fairly as possible in these unfair times. If our war on top of their other war is too much, I'm ready to issue an apology and peace out of this conflict. Thank you for this time.
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