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Well it's late but this is me after all...


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Well Atlas is finally Two years and Three days old, I know its late and well what do you expect when the leader is constantly drunk.  :awesome: It has been a wonderful Two years for us and its something we have enjoyed very much, not to mention the celebrations will be carrying on well into next week, just because I love to party so feel free to stop by our irc channel #cn-atlas or our forums cn-atlas.net


We in Atlas would like to thank all of our allies past and present for your support and continued friendship and the brotherhood we have formed with each other. 


Orange Defence Network


North Star Federation


Global Alliance and Treaty Organization


New Pacific Order


Union of Communist Republics


We Are Perth Army


Libertarian Socialist Federation


Socialist Workers Front


The Last Remnants


Doom Kingdom


North Atlantic Defence Coaltion


The Roman Empire






While we in Atlas want to put something nice to say about you all, we fear the post might become a tad too large and long winded. However we would like for you too all know that your support throughout these Two years and friendship with us has been something we treasure and value and will always continue to do so.


Entirety of Atlas~


edit: love spelling 

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