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The Turn to Technology

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Frederick Ncha'o, Chief Councilman of the Dudevania Shadow Cabinet, appraised the thirteen-year-old before him. Tests showed that the young man had a promising intelligence and a questioning mind, unfortunate traits for a citizen of his country. His blue eyes took in everything around the room, while his mouth chewed on a piece of grass--a common past-time among the rural majority that had settled and tamed a large part of the country. The natives had stayed among the government-employed elite for a long time, their rule unchallenged.


Years ago when Ungalo Ncha'o had let in the first religious refugees, it had been with a caveat, and one which was supported by a certain passage at the end of their Holy Book: "And let no one question it."


At the time, it had been useful enough. When the first rebellion started, the natives and majority of settlers eliminated it with the battle-cry "And let no one question it." When they had implemented the secret government that hid behind the ever-changing public government, it had been finished with, "And let no one question it." When they began the mass testing and deportation of intellectuals to the prison laboratories of other nations, it had been justified with, "And let no one question it."


But the nation had grown. Roads, utilities, and communications built with the work ethic of the refugees and the vision of their rulers. Marvelous programs, both economic and military, had been funded and their facilities constructed to stabilize their homeland. Through war after war, hundreds of thousands had died and their country burned and rebuilt, chanting that phrase: "And let no one question it."


Now, Frederick looked at this boy, this man, this mind. He smiled and said, "I have a few questions for you."

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