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An announcement from Three Alliances


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Optional Military Pact between Stripes, Kaskus and Swash Plates And Tail Rotors

Alliance Stripes, Alliance Kaskus and Alliance Swash Plates And Tail Rotors (referred to as the Parties) hereby enter into the following agreement:

Article I. Ad pacem.

The Parties agree to not perpetrate any acts of war against each other.

Article II. Ad securitatem.

If one of the Parties acquire information relating to the security of the one of other Parties, such information should be presented to that Party.

Article III. Ad bellum.

The Parties may provide assistance to each other in times of war. The Parties agree that such assistance is optional on both alliance and membership level.

Article IV. Ad finem.

This treaty can be cancelled by either Party by issuing the statement of such intent to the other Party or Parties. In such situation the treaty remains in force for the period of 48 hours, unless Parties, between whom the treaty is cancelled, agree to waive the cancellation period. If such situation arises that this treaty is cancelled or otherwise terminated, the cancellation or termination only affects reciprocal rights and obligations of the Parties beetween which it occured. All other rights and obligations incurred by the Parties on the grounds of this treaty remain in force.

Signed for Swash Plates And Tail Rotors,

Untouchable - The Boss, Security Council Member
Sgt Gus - Main Rotor Blade, Security Council Member
Fasser - Berserker Brigade, Security Council Member
Zxcsd - Wing Man, Security Council Member
Murtibing - Grand Inquisiteur, Security Council Member
Lord von Manteuffel - Executive Officer
Nashorn - Legionnaire, SPATR Ambassador to Stripes

Signed for Kaskus,

Blackorchid - President
GantanX - Vice president
Collegekid13 - Minister of foreign affairs

Signed for Stripes,

Xanth - The Murray
Smurthwaite - Commander of Nukabeers
Jrasion - the least creative person ever
Redarmy - Commander of Communist Affairs
Eviljak - TCA Spy
justtrentjohnson - Just Trent
gowfanatic - What did the pirate say when his peg leg got stuck in the freezer? Shiver me timbers!


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