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Ivan Salazar

The hammer has fallen

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Grand Republic news


Today the gloruis Grand republic has declared war upon the nation of hammerfall in responce to its attack on its comrades the new pacific order the Tsar has ordered an missle strike on the nation of hammer fall in order to weaken its defencess. Afterwards he redepolyed the russian airforce to weaken its defenders with moderate secuess. The Russian army is ready to recive any counter attacks from the enemy.


The Tsar had this to say."The enemy is a coward and its no doubt that the Russian army the formable weapon that the new pacific order arsnal will previal but in the end at least my men get target trainning." The Tsars military general vicktor Resnov is an well respected and feared general the enemy faces a huge and diffcult battle in the comming weeks and months of this war.




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