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Supernova X Foreign Tech Buyer Program

The Zigur

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As a result of the Producer's Revolution in Supernova X, our alliance is experiencing a bountiful tech harvest and an export surplus along with most of the rest of Doom-sphere. This economic miracle is matched by a growing aid slot efficiency rate, now averaging more than 60%, and despite our small size it now ranks us in the top 40 alliances in gross domestic product.


Supernova X is looking for committed long term buyers seeking a reliable and consistent source of technology. Rates generally vary between 12/300 and 18/300, depending on buyer/seller wonders, and balance to 2 slots cash/3 slots tech every ten days.


Here are our requirements:


Must be politically friendly to Supernova X and Producerism

Must pass a background check


If interested, please post in this thread, and when a position opens up we will contact qualified applicants!


*Availability is limited, and participation will be selective. Please be patient.

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Supernova X is currently not interested in engaging in tech deals with Sengoku members.



Well I never...


Just because we are Japanese Feudal Cowboys, you refuse us service? We're still people Tywin. Where am I supposed to get my CN Credit Check now? Where am I supposed to have my tech deals coordinated if not within the exceedingly efficient Imperium? 

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