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A Declaration of WAR


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Friends, allies, comardes,


The time has come to launch our attack on the vile facsists at the NPO.  I have spoken often of their crimes and atrocities.  Today is the day they pay for what they've done.  I am calling on International Org of Mil and Econ Development , Vox Populi, and all others who will nobly sacrifice their nations in this just crusade.


In the spirit of the COALUTION, the AEGIS, and all others who have valiantly fought in the great wars, we shall have victory!
"In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign. Secondly, a just cause. Thirdly, a rightful intention."
NPO, look at what you have wrought by your shameless imperalism:
"You cannot attack Zlarian at this time because their battle odds are at 3% and are not high enough to fight your forces. The government of Zlarian has just been sent into Anarchy due to their lack of security forces. Riots engulf the nation of Zlarian as your soldiers relax and enjoy their victory. "
Here are our JUST terms.  The war will not end until they are satisfied:
-Reparations must be paid out to all former members of COALUETION, AEGIS, and ALL BETRAYED WUT ALLIANES.
-The NPO (along with its NpO puppet) must disband permanently.
-Apologies must be issued to all who have been wronged throughout your existence.
Otherwise, the destruction will continue, and I assure you we will ENJOY it.
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Get the popcorn, we have someone who slept too long and overshot the Karma War!

And DisOrder. And about half of the political moves in the last few years. I wasn't even alive at a time half of this oppression happened.


I like the cut of your jib, Eddard. It has spirit. It has joie de vivre. Please recognize that your irrelevancy to NPO or any of their sellers (seriously, anarchy at that range is meaningless) is a symptom of your ignorance of world politics, rather than any reflection on your determination. I envy NPO the experience that their nations and rulers are receiving for free.

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Just so you know Eddard, you just sentenced yourself to Permanent Zero Infrastructure. Have fun with that.


Bring it on you fascists!  I HATE fascists and id like to see you TRY to ZI us.  


And if it does come to that then SO BE IT.  This is the NOBBLE sacrifice we make to honor our fallen aegis.

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