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You betrayed Pacifica a few times now, are you really going to try to sayIRON actually has a reputation for honoring all of their treaties?


Comprehend the English involved here:

"Let's not pretend that didn't already begin before the agreement was even finalized."

Please tell us when it began so that we know when it's time to turn on one another. Edited by shahenshah
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how do you know we're a member and didn't just photoshop our flags onto these nice triangles? Also, haven't you rolled the green sphere enough as it is?

Wait VE is in? I'm jealous. I just thought the illuminati was invading so I switched my avatar.
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Out of curiosity was Atlas' opinion sought in the forming of this bloc? My perception is that many treaty partners of Oculus members were never informed, I may be wrong about that, but if true that's certainly seems sloppy if not downright disrespectful.
I thought it was widely understood that intelligence sharing clauses generally mean that allies should be contacted about future treaties. Although perhaps all such agreements are invalidated by the unique supremacy clause of this treaty.

I was informed about it about 3 weeks ago and asked if there was any concerns. So keep digging pal I'm sure your find something sooner or later. Edited by Alexio15
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Wait, so if I photoshop INT's flag into a triangle, we become a member?


Yes. Welcome aboard. This applies to all defunct alliances, not just yours.

Edited by Monster
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