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Pacific News Network International #23: Pacifica Turns 12!


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Imperial Office of Internal Affairs - Media Corps
in the stately name of Emperor Letum
the Eighth Sovereign of the New Pacific Order

proudly presents


Pacific News Network International # 23: Pacifica Turns 12!



Our 'Endless Revolution' involves questioning ourselves and our processes at every point in order to see where we can improve ourselves

(Letum, Eighth Sovereign of the New Pacific Order)

Today, the New Pacific Order turns 12 years old. During our long journey, the Eternal Revolution has kept us going ever forward. And while we have had our ups and downs, we remain together by our will to serve the Order, and our will to remain always ready to respond to the changes of our world, always improving.

Honored Allies, Respected Enemies, Indeterminate Neutrals, Friends, Detractors, and my fellow Pacificans, join me today in saying once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PACIFICA!

By Elegarth, Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs



A Revolution in Perpetuity

Comrades, once again, the anniversary of the August Revolution approaches us. As the Order is ideologically compelled to do so, we will engage in solemn reflection of the year and years past, triumphant boasts of this year's accomplishments, and visionary plans for tomorrow. For an alliance as long-lived, and long-endured as ours, we deserve to celebrate own holidays and traditions.

After almost a decade of playing this game, and some much-regretted stays in other alliances, I have spent the long majority of it in the Order. I've seen and experienced many events and interactions, and forgotten quite a significant chunk of them. I, and many others, have the distinct pleasure to have two perspectives of the game - while as a member of this Order, and as outside of it. While I can't speak for any other, I can myself say that the Order is peerless when it comes to organization, efficiency, ambition, and sheer determination to succeed.

I would say that much of this stems from our alliance motto - Peace, Strength, Prosperity - and our philosophy of Francoism. While Francoism can be a difficult subject to access and understand, the three words of the motto is not. The motto itself is a symbol of the August Revolution. Being at peace increases our strength. Our strength allows increased prosperity, with prosperity comes peace, and so the revolution marches on.

It's not just military and economic superiority that our ideology and culture has afforded us. That same philosophy also demands we look at ourselves, year after year, to see what impurities there are and purge it. Traditionally many changes come in August to improve ourselves, and so it has become this year too - our leaders determined that Internal Affairs needed to be separated after an earlier merger and did so without letting it sit mired in bureaucratic red tape, as other alliances are wont to do.

It is this proven culture and ideology of meritocracy and self-review that has allowed this Order, and only this Order to endure, survive, and grow ever stronger after tens of wars and multiple campaigns to exterminate and shackle us.

It is this august revolutionary spirit that drives us like no other.

With that, comrades, I say, bring on the festivities and revelry! After nine and a half years of absolutely undeniable Pacifican fortitude, lets have some bloody fun!

Written by: Vengashii
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



The Future and the Past

The August Revolution...

Every August we set aside several days to think about and reflect upon the long history of the New Pacific Order, in both The Ancient Realm and Cybernations. This year we celebrate the twelve year anniversary of that revolution of the time where a man named Francos Spain looked at a region that was being oppressed, a region with the potential for strength, a region that was wasting away under the rule of corrupt oligarchs and said No more. Out of that revolution two institutions were born the New Pacific Order and the philosophy of Francoism. The combination of those cut a swatch across The Ancient Realm before migrating to Cybernations, where as an alliance the NPO controlled and dictated the pace of the world. Even following an extensive defeat we fell back to those initial ideals; to what brought Francos Spain to revolution.

The August Revolution, above all else, represents change. Change for the betterment of the people. In The Ancient Realm, it was a region that was being ruthlessly exploited for its natural resources. In Cybernations, it brought a change to a disorganized world, creating Order out of the chaos of nature, providing a home and freedom for many nations.

This change is the foundation of the New Pacific Order. We do not remain stagnate, we do not become complacent. There is a perpetual state of revolution in the Order, a constant strive to move forward and make the world better for the Order and its members. Each and every member, from the newest graduate of the Academy to the Emperor himself, works toward that Eternal Revolution and in August we take a moment, a pause, to evaluate all that we have done and all that we can do.

There will be numerous people calling for an evaluation of efficiency, a look at what we do well and what we do poorly, a look to what we can improve. That is required, that is important, that is a critical part of the Order. I would also like you to remember something else remember those who have come before. For twelve years people have looked to the Order as the defining element of two worlds. For twelve years thousands of people have looked at the Order as a friend, as an enemy, as the bedrock of the game world they work in. For twelve years, every major action of other alliances has had to consider us and our position. Look to the future; do not forget that we must always improve. Do not forget the past either, and the vast, vast success the Order has seen over the past decade and more. We have been at the top and the bottom of the world and we have endured, we have continued to always emerge in a better situation that the past. While we examine that which can be done better, remember that which was done well in the past. Francoism would not call for you to idolize it, do not consider it to be perfection. Look at it as a success though. Look upon what the Order has accomplished and feel proud.

Written by: Deatvert
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



August Revolution Poem

A golden star is rising
with rays of blue to pierce the waiting
night, to outshine the distant, aging nebulae,
and once again bring heaven close to man

Its brilliant light illuminates the remnant clouds
of darker times from far behind with gentle sapphire borders.
And then, the sky is small, the clouds are near,
and man can reach to heaven.

The planet turns to face the morning-star,
and all throughout the land its tender light
awakens those who sit in darkness and are fading into death.
the rising star reveals the world for what it is:
A small and simple thing which we can grasp and use.
And man is reaching out to heaven.

Written by: saxasm
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



The Man, The Myth, The Legend: A History of Francos Spain and the August Revolution

From Anarchy to Order: Francos Spain and the August Revolution

On August 28, 2003, the existing government of the Pacific was overthrown by a popular revolution, its leaders and supporters sent into exile. Despite five days of chaos and attempted counter-revolutions, the New Pacific Order emerged on September 1, 2003 - with Francos Spain, leader of the revolution, at the helm.

Spain stands as the central founding figure of the NPO, having lead the August Revolution that established the Order in !@#$%*. Spain further provided the ideological basis which would come to be known as Francoism which continues to influence the culture and spirit of the Order today.

Though Spain departed the Order and the world within a year of its founding, his role and impact must be recognized - if not in what the Order looks like today, then in the spirit that he was able to bring and establish in all Pacifica's who follow in his footsteps.

Anarchy: The Pacific in a state of chaos

Long before Francos Spain or even the imperial powers that would precede him, the Pacific was mired in anarchy. As a region where new nations emerged, the Pacific was at once one of the most populous and weakest regions at the same time, subject to raids and invasions by other more developed regions of the world.

The Pacific was further subject to political occupation, with the regions Delegate - the regional leader - being selected by foreign powers who moved into the pacific with the express purpose of controlling the Pacifican government by voting in their preferred candidate.

These Delegates would not last long - eventually another power would overthrow the existing Delegate and its supporters, leading to a continually unstable environment of anarchy. Those nations which willingly chose to make the Pacific their home paid the price for it, having to accept military invasion and instability as a way of life.

Occupation: The Atlantic Alliance, Thedoc and a government in the Pacific

This condition of anarchy would not last, however, as major powers began to realize the usefulness of the Pacific region in achieving their own aims. The Pacific served as fertile ground for military recruitment to fight the wars of the foreign powers - as such, it was recognized that defense of the Pacific was necessary in order to preserve this steady stream of manpower.

The Atlantic Alliance, one of the foremost proponents of and beneficiaries of the Pacific as a recruitment ground, led a coalition of defensive alliances to prevent continual invasions and raids on the region. The coalition sent forces into the Pacific but unlike prior raiders these forces were stationed permanently. With the coalitions backing, a new delegate was elected to lead the Pacific - Thedoc.

Upon election, Thedoc began to organise a Pacifican government, though there were two fundamental flaws with the legitimacy of such a government. Thedoc firstly established himself as King of the Pacific, ruling as a monarch in an imperialistic government without the support or advice of native inhabitants of the Pacific. Secondly, Thedocs government served the foreign powers that occupied the Pacific rather than the Pacifican people. This was evident in policies which allowed the aforementioned coalition to recruit military forces from the Pacific without punishment, sending them to war for their own purposes in other parts of the world.

As such, Thedocs government cannot truly be considered the first Pacifican government - it was a government in the Pacific, but it was Pacifican only in the sense that it physically resided in the region and no more.

The region of the Pacific had exited the condition of perpetual anarchy - only to be replaced by imperialist rule, subject to the interests and demands of foreign powers who utilized the Pacific solely for their own ends. It was into this new condition, one of Stagnation, that Francos Spain would enter the world.

Freedom: Francos Spain and the August Revolution

[Francos] set about rallying the people, gaining support looking to ascend the throne. He envisioned peace, stability and prosperity and the people yearned for it as well. Steadily he rose in influence and the lords of the land counted themselves more and more in his following until Thedoc noticed and was afraid. - Black Adder, Jun 9 2012

Little is known of the early days of Francos Spain, save that he entered the world with a friend and eventually fellow revolutionary Poskrebyshev. Like many other Pacifican nations at the time, Spain was swiftly recruited into the Pacifican Army: a military force composed of Pacificans but permanently stationed outside of the Pacific itself so as to reduce the likelihood that it would revolt against the rulers of the Pacific.

During this course of military service which saw Spain participate in some of the most chaotic and violent warfare seen in the world at the time, Spain came to realise the reality of the condition he and his fellow Pacificans were in: in service to foreign powers masked behind an illegitimate government that ruled in their interests.

It was during this time that Spain developed the philosophical basis of Francoism in providing a material analysis of the condition of the Pacific. Spain developed the concept of class in the world - the Feederites, who seek to harness and work with the means of production in the Pacific, and the Userites, nations of their own created regions, who seek to exploit the nations and political structures of the Pacific to enhance their own power.

Spain argued that it was the responsibility of every Feederite to rise up and overthrow the imperialism of the Userites: the Pacifican people deserved the right to rule for themselves, and were to undertake any effort necessary to overthrow the old regime.

Spain began convincing other Pacifican nations to support his cause, although such was done in secret to avoid unwelcome attention from Thedocs regime. Pacificans were largely sympathetic to Spains revolutionary ideals: Thedocs regime was one maintained only through the force of arms of foreign powers, not through the popular support of the Pacifican people. Spain planned to secure enough endorsements from Pacificans such that he would be elected Delegate in the World Assembly, thus removing Thedoc from power.

Thedocs regime was not ignorant of the threat: when it became clear that Spain would surpass Thedoc in endorsement count and become Delegate, Spain was ejected from the Pacific to the Rejected Realms and the Revolution seemed doomed to fail. However, Thedoc made a crucial error at this point - he did not realise that ejecting a nation did not mean that the endorsement count would similarly be erased until a day had passed, and removed Spain from the exiled list before his endorsements were gone as well.

Upon his successful return to the region, Spain and his fellow revolutionaries struck on Tuesday, August 28, 2003. Spain returned to the Pacific and almost immediately began gaining the requisite endorsements needed to overthrow Thedoc. The existing government was taken by surprise and failed to counter the surge in Spains endorsements: the number of native Pacificans naturally outnumbered the occupying forces, and were able to give him the majority he needed. At 4 AM EST of August 28, Thedoc lost his position as delegate of the Pacific to Spain. For the moment, the August Revolution had succeeded.

Consolidation: Counter-revolution and the purge

The NPO Revolution was a revolution over anarchy and stagnation. The former delegates of the Pacific before me had let the region languish and decay, only showing up when it was time to defend their authority. - Francos Spain, Jun 22 2004

As the coming days would show, however, revolutions were and are not singular events but rather long and bloody processes. Thedoc and the foreign powers which had kept him in power immediately began preparing for a counter-revolution through a two-pronged process. Firstly, foreign armies began an invasion and occupation of the Pacific, seeking to bring in more endorsements for Thedoc to restore him as delegate upon the next elections, held daily at 4 AM EST. Secondly, Pacificans who had endorsed Francos Spain were threatened to change their endorsement for Thedoc, on pain of invasion and annihilation.

Spains support began to melt away in fear, leaving him with around 200 core supporters who refused to abandon him, heavily outnumbered by Thedocs forces. The situation became desperate as Spain was clearly unable to rally a sufficient number of endorsements to keep himself as delegate in face of military occupation and the cowing of popular support.

At 3 AM EST, August 29, 2003, however, Spain would discover the way to end the counter-revolution: utilising his power as Delegate, Spain ejected and banned Thedoc and hundreds of the foreign military powers that had arrived to support him from the Pacific, forever disallowing them from re-entering the region.


Regional leaders, endorsements and bans, organised by percentage banned

This hugely controversial action led to an uproar in the wider world. Opponents argued that Spains actions were illegal and exploitative, abusing world mechanics to ensure his own power, going so far as to seek higher intervention. His supporters in the Pacific, on the other hand, argued that those who were banned were not legitimate participants to begin with, having been sent to the Pacific for the sole purpose of removing Spain rather than contributing anything to the region.

No matter the controversy, world opinion did not matter to the revolutionaries. Over the following days Spain would continue to eject and ban those who arrived in the Pacific seeking to overthrow him, hundreds of nations being expelled from the region in the name of the Revolution. Yet again world opinion condemned him for his autocratic actions; yet again his supporters defended his actions as safeguarding the Revolution from reactionaries.

In the end, it was Spain who held power in the Pacific. And with that power, on Saturday September 1, 2003, Spain established the first and only government that represented the will of the Pacifican people: the New Pacific Order.

Order: The establishment of the NPO

We ask our neighbors and allies to ignore the black propaganda campaign being waged by Thedoc and his other nations against our Delegate. It is an attempt by him to commandeer power and to subvert democracy. You may hear false reports of inflated and arbitrary numbers; ignore them. Any actions I have taken are for the safety and best interests of the Pacific. - Francos Spain, September 2, 2003

The establishment of the New Pacific Order represented the culmination of the first phase of the revolution and the collective will of the Pacifican Nation. Francos Spain and his fellow revolutionaries were determined to ensure that there would never again be an imperialist government of the likes of Thedoc, subservient to foreign interests - the NPO was the voice of the Pacific, and embodied the ideals that Spain had espoused during the Revolution.

Central to the NPO and to avoid the stagnation of the past was the idea of permanent revolution. Spain saw the need for the Order to remain vigilant and ready to adapt, knowing how easily revolutions could falter and revert back to the past conditions of anarchy and oppression. Institutions within the Order were built to reflect this: to this day the Order has no Constitution to speak of, seeing it as something that shackles change and progress and a way for enemies to exploit the Order.

It was this principle of Permanent Revolution that was to ensure the Orders survival time and time again: yet its first test was when Spain departed the very Order he had contributed so much towards.

Revolution: The departure of Francos Spain and beyond

On July 10, 2004, members of the NPO noticed that Francos Spain had moved to the region of the North Pacific, having last been active on the NPO forums on May 27 of the same year. Poskrebyshev took over as Delegate of the Pacific, with Spains nation finally departing the world on September 13, 2004. According to those close to him, pressing personal matters greater than the world his nation resided in claimed his attention, and left him unable to return as he tended to his life.

Despite Spains disappearance, the Order has thrived and grown stronger than ever before through the strength and actions of countless other Pacificans who have forged on in an uncertain world. Spains influence today may not be felt in the Orders institutions or its structures - they have changed over time as revolution demands - but it endures, and will always endure, in the unique spirit of revolution and order, defiance and loyalty, that all Pacificans uphold.

Written by: Dominius
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



Death of the Founder

As it's that time of year again and Pacifica takes time to remember the August Revolution. We look back deep into our rich history and remind our self's of who we are and where we came from. We ask now that you take the time to remember one of the most important events of the era. It is a wonderful story filled with honor, love of country, and proof that with a enough dedication you can achieve anything. We give you the "Death of a Founder".
It was the in the waining days of the ALSO government as the userites stormed into the North Pacific. The situation deteriorated to the point that the Father of the Revolution himself felt the need to be present to oversee the battle for Magicality City (Capital of The North Pacific). Always at the front, he directed his troops with such a steady hand that a calm assurance washed over his men as they prepared to defend the breach in the North Wall created by the enemy artilery fire. Around him were soldiers with rifles, merchants with handguns and farmers with shotguns, all ready to give their all for the defense of the City.
Franco was behind an overturned flower cart and he noticed a Star of Bethlehem. Surreptitiously holding the flower, he placed it in his lapel, and seeing the foreign invaders crawl over the last defense the City could put forth, raised his sword and whispered "fire..."

No one is quite sure what happened next, but what is certain is that Franco died a hero's death. He was found still alive with three bullet wounds to the left leg, shrapnel had attacked his right side, and a two foot splinter from the flower cart had pierced his right shoulder. Two medics were able to bring him to the Cathy Hospital where triage was set up, and he was prepped for surgery to stop the internal bleeding. His last words to the doctor, John "Red" Communist, before he was put under were "All right. Talk with you later."

Franco never woke up from the surgery, and his body was hidden so that the userites could never drag his corpse through the streets of Magicality City, or, God forbid, Capital City (which is what Francograd was called at that time). Despite the massive casualties and need for medical care in the aftermath, Twoslits the Tyrant ordered the hospital dismantled, searching for proof of Franco's passing, but he never found it.

The Founder was brought to the last remaining Pacifican Airbase in the North Pacific and he was taken back to Capital City on the last Pacifican plane out of the region. Franco made it clear that if something should happen to him, the needs of those with breath in their bodies to fight with should take precedence over those who can fight no more.

When the plane landed in Capital City, the airport had already been strafed by ADN fighters and the hum of bombers was growing closer. Fresh off their victory in the North, the userites were marching south to wrest The Pacific away from the People. Franco was placed into a subway and taken to the five-sided fortress around the Old City. The Imperial Clerk presented Senator Poskrebyshev with a small box. Poskrebyshev opened it and he found the Imperial Sash: blue, black, with a gold star accent, still stained with the blood of Franco. The Clerk said "The Senate has appointed you as Emperor. What will you have us do?"

Poskrebyshev put on the sash, drew his blade, and responded "All that is required of us."

Springing forth from the subways, from the bunkers, from the carefully prepared defenses of the City, Pacifican troops cut-off the ADN's over-extended troops from their supplies, their reinforcements, and soon, from their lives. The five-sided fortress reigned death from above as Pacifican troops wrought death from below. The damage to the ADN was so great that they would never raise such an army again and Pacifica would never be threatened in such a way.

After the last userite left Pacifican soil, The Pacific could finally mourn their fallen father. Emperor Poskrebyshev resigned the position, leaving it to Vladimir, that he might wander the world and make sense of the events of the preceding month. 

To this day, every Emperor on their coronation day is presented a small box with a folded sash inside, stained with the blood of the first Emperor. It reminds them that they must do all that is required.

Written by: Sir Paul (Revised by Magicboyd25)
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network



The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

With each passing year, we mark another remembrance of the August Revolution. We parade, we grandstand, we revel in another year of proof that what our forefathers did in 2003 was the right thing to do. Their Pacific has now spread to many foreign shores, and we, the most successful colonists, prepare to mark a twelfth year of glory in the Revolution.

Or, so it would appear.

Birthdays are for entities. Our predecessors, led by Francos Spain, did not simply create a new entity when they formed the New Pacific Order. They founded an ideology - Francoism - which galvanized our young Order into surviving numerous threats against its very existence and becoming a true force to be reckoned with. It was that ideology which allowed us to move forward into a new world - Cyber Nations - and become its dominant power. And so, when we look back on the August Revolution, we must endeavor to remember what has allowed us to become what we are. Looking forward.

Francoism is inherently an ideology of change. That much was evident from the outset. The initial form of government in the Pacific was established for no other reason than that it allowed the government to better the Order as effectively as possible. That is the only reason we establish or modify a government. Our organization has changed many times over the years- suffice to say, our form would be very alien to Francos Spain. He would still see in us, however, the same rationale behind our present state. We have adopted this configuration because it has proven its worth over the years. But even now, we reorganize. A few days ago, we saw changes in IA. FA has reconfigured itself several times in the past year. EA now has duties nobody could have foreseen on the event of the last anniversary of the August Revolution. MA has removed a department in the meantime.

Remember the event, comrades. Remember the birth of the New Pacific Order. But more importantly, remember the birth of a concept- Francoism. A guide written by former Imperial Officer Brennan on the holidays of the Order lists the following description for this one: The most important feast in Pacifica, as it celebrates the founding of the Order. Begins with the August Revolution and ends with the Day of Order. Traditionally, all non-essential government offices are closed and the Order is reformed to be more efficient. While it is hard to imagine the closure of our government in these times, this is a tradition which is certainly worth continuing in some regards. The Order can always be made more efficient. You, regardless of your rank or position, can do so- every idea is judged on its own merit here, not the title of the one who proposed it. That is the basis of why we have succeeded for so long.

So keep tradition alive. This August Revolution, let's all together improve the Order.

Written by: Hakora Kiyanto
The Pacific Press - A jackboot on the pulse of world events.
Proudly part of the Pacific News Network


This edition of the PNN has been brought to you by the Imperial Office of Internal Affairs and the Media Corps of the New Pacific Order.
Produced by Elegarth, SirPaul, Vengashii, Hakora Kiyanto, Magicboyd25, Deatvert, Dominius and saxasm for the PNN.

Edited by Elegarth
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Yes congratulations you cowards.  12 years built on a legacy of cruelty, hatred, and evil.  Enjoy your celebration while you still can.


Show me on the dolly where Pacifica touched you.

Edited by Lady Red
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Congratulations and happy birthday Pacifica. We've been the tightest of allies and the bitterest of enemies over those years but you have always mattered.

Celebrate in style!

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Yes congratulations you cowards.  12 years built on a legacy of cruelty, hatred, and evil.  Enjoy your celebration while you still can.



Show me on the dolly where Pacifica touched you.

Is there an award for best troll extinguisher sentence?

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