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I've Got No Strings


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There Ain’t No Strings On Me Accords



Article I: Nonaggression
Atlas and Doom Kingdom will hereafter refrain from any form of hostile activity, and will contact each other from appropriate channels in the event of any hostility.

Article II: Brown Tyranny
Atlas will vote as Doom Kingdom instructs and sanction as they instruct. Long live Brown!

Article III: No Strings Attached
If Atlas or Doom Kingdom request aid from the other, whether it be politically, militarily, or economically - the other signatory is strongly encouraged, but not required to provide that assistance.

Article IV: Intelligence
Should vital knowledge involving the security of a signatory come to the attention of Atlas or Doom Kingdom, they are required to share it with the other.

Article V: Cancellation
If either signatory is unsatisfied with this agreement, they may cancel it 120 hours after notification. 


Signed for Atlas,

Alexio15, President
Tevron, Vice President

Grealind, Chancellor of Internal Affairs
Kappella, Chancellor of Defense
Cyradis, Chancellor of Finance
14dwright, Chancellor of Foreign Affairs


For Doom Kingdom, 

Doomfather - Hapapants
Doomanager - Lord Hershey
Doombassador - White Chocolate
Doomarshall - Banned
Doomerchant - Bdewakantunwan
Doomtender - Franz Ferdinand

Harbinger of Doom - *Classified*

The Doom Council:
- Artigo
- Berbers
- Caliph
- High Chancellor Liq
- Karl Godel
- RileyAddaff
- Supreme Emperor Daeg
- Xavier Renegade Angel

Edited by Tevron
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