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NADC-Atlas Announcement

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*Insert Clever Name* Accords






Preamble:  Atlas and the North Atlantic Defense Coalition come together in the spirit of friendship and cooperation
Article I: Peace
The signatories of this treaty agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or any other acts of violence against the other. If this happens, the signatories shall handle the situation properly and maturely.
Article II: Intelligence
In the event that one signatory gains intelligence on the other that could be vital to their security, they must share that intelligence with them.
Article III: Aid
At any time, a signatory of this treaty may ask for aid of any kind from the other. Although the other signatory has the option to refuse the aid with a reason specified, it is recommended that they send the aid as soon as possible.
Article IV: Termination
At any time, one signatory may cancel this treaty for any reason. If this happens, the canceler must give the other signatory seventy-two hours notice of the cancellation. Article I remains in effect for an additional one hundred and twenty hours after the treaty is cancelled.
Article V: Review
Forty-five days after the the treaty is announced, both parties agree to review the treaty to determine whether to upgrade, cancel, or continue. If both parties agree to continue, the treaty will be reviewed again in f
orty-five days.
Signed for Atlas,
Alexio15, President
Tevron, Vice-President
Grealind, Chancellor of Internal Affairs

Kappella, Chancellor of Defense
Cyradis, Chancellor of Finance

14dwright, Chancellor of Foreign Affairs



Signed for the North Atlantic Defense Coalition,


House (Molagbal)-Secretary General and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Zygon- Deputy Secretary General and Military Operations Commander
Justinian the Mighty -Internal Affairs Minister
Gandorian- Finance Minister
Shakyr-Education Minister

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I was told to hail this.

Entry level diplomats will read the OWF, and check my AA tag, and my name recognition and think "oh boy. so and so likes so and so. This must mean lines are being drawn."

Because that's how the world works.

(Congrats peeps.)

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I'm a little conflicted on what to think of this treaty. NADC requested CCC sanction us & Atlas sanctioned us on behalf of DK; but that's all in the past & we're not at conflict with either alliance now. We hope to maintain good relations with all Brown alliances in the future & Alexio has given me reason to believe relations will be better moving forward.

Lets leave the past there & look towards the future. Good luck.

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Hmm... I disapprove of this treaty.. For one reason. 


Alexio will never be sober this is a lost cause. I've tried this before :P


o/ Atlas


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