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Once on a Sunny Afternoon


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Life isn't always nice. Things don't always happen the way you want. It's an unfortunate truth. We know it all too well. Everything was going all hunky-dory. It was like the fun part of the Leave it to Beaver show. You know, when Beaver was just doing his thing on Mapleton Drive. We were a lot like Beaver.


Anyone else see the resemblance?

However, things turned sour. After a long day of playing outside, we over heard our pa talking about this hooligan known as the "Order of the Sileo" who was bothering him. This made us really sad at first. I mean, we want 'em to have a good day at work. This ruined our fun day in the sun. But, we got to thinking. We were thinking real hard.


Pictures of us tend to get grainy when we're thinkin'

We figured we should talk to pa. So we did. We had a nice, rather long talk. After it was over, we did the standard laugh and everything faded to black. In the darkness, we started thinking about one thing pa said. "Press the red button if ya wanna help". We all knew what that means. And, well, we're excited for the next episode. It will star the Order of the Sileo, our Pa Sengoku, and Beaver, but now going by the name World Freedom Federation. Except, ya know, Order of the Sileo will probably not enjoy the new script...




The World Freedom Federation hereby declares war on the Order of the Sileo

Signed by,

Skymarshal - ragriz24

Deputy Skymarshal - maloneya121, A Floppy Penguin

Defense Secretary - Zasyx

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What's this you say? you feel the right to remain? Then stay, I will bury you.

What's this you say? your father's spirit still lives in this place? Then I will Silence you..


Don't drink the water. Rock out.

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Just looking at their war screen, it looks some idiot raided Pansy, is currently getting his tail kicked, and now their whole alliance is getting countered.


Well friends have fun. I'd offer to help but I am a bit busy at the moment, and it looks like you have it well in hand anyway.

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Micro silliness is best silliness.

IKR...Looking at their Bio they are protected by The Shadow Confederacy? :popcorn:

About The Order of Sileo: We will burn you to the ground, and rise from the ashes. Protected by TSC.


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The recycling (spading under) of the world is immanent...YOUR LAST CHANCE IS TO LEAVE...with US. Let it be known that people such as these, such as those who scoffed when we showed them what a member of the Kingdom of hevan might look like, these are the kind that will not Ascend to the next evolutionary Level of Man. 

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Do you want to live forever?


No, and you can always buy more infrastructure as long as the servers are still plugged in.


I would like to salute our boys on the battlefield, Floppy Penguin for giving the most NS damage and Maloneya for getting his first successful stack of bodies. You both are Heroes of the Federation for the month of August! Do You Want To Know More?



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