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The Apathy Report is back


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Yes... you heard that right. I am back... Kinda.
Check it out.

#1 - Fark (context)
#2 - Stupid Predictability (context)
#3 - Oculus (context)
#4 - MI6 (no context)
#5 - Senate Shenanigans (no context)
#6 - Doom (no context)

#7 - MI6 War (context)

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or maybe we want to join Polars side


or maybe we did it because we're trying to collect all the superfriends (you're next GOD)


or maybe NG made us do it to grow the gratasphere


so many options!




but really, these are cool. I wish you'd spent more time talking about treaty expiry dates though, I wish they were a more common thing.

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Please give a detailed explanation of why everything you've ragged on Polaris for is "stupid."

I really want to know exactly how much insight you have for these things you;re constantly talking about, aside from the blatantly obvious things (ie. the 2/3 of the web that's treatied to each other is going to fight the 1/3 that isn't in the giant group)

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