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Nuclear Effect on Aircrafts Supported by FAB & Aircraft Carriers


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Nuclear weapons completely reduce the number of defending soldiers for a defending nation to zero (50% Survival if the defending nations has the Fallout Shelter System wonder), cause great amounts of cruise missile, tanks, land, technology and infrastructure losses (35% each up to a base limit before the techbonus of 150 land, 150 infrastructure, and 50 technology), reduce defending aircraft by 75% (aircraft supported by the Foreign Airforce Base wonder and aircraft carriers are reduced at a lower percentage),



Nuclear Fallout Shelter Reduces the Aircraft losses by 25%, causing a nuke to wipe out 50% of aircrafts.


Does anyone know what the lower percentage is aircrafts supported by the FAB & Aircraft Carrier get reduced & when it kicks in?


For example, if someone has a FAB, that can support 20 aircrafts. If someone has for example 6 aircraft carriers, that could support another 30 planes.


Would this reduced percentage kick in for a nation who nation who has 50 aircrafts, then anything beyond that won't be reduced at the lower percentage?


Or would the lower percentage losses only kick in for how many aircrafts a nation has beyond what they would be able to hold without the FAB & Aircraft Carriers? So for a nation without construction, only the aircrafts a nation has over 50 would be reduced at a lower percentage? Or with construction, only how many aircrafts a nation has over 60?


Has anyone done the calculations on this and know how it works exactly?

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Allows nations to purchase 5 additional aircraft per carrier ship up to 5 ships. Allows nations to deploy 5 additional aircraft per carrier ship up to 5 ships that are in battle support mode against an enemy nation. Invulnerable to nuclear attacks. Provides fleet support.

I think that should answer your question Meth :) Edited by Williambonney
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I think that should answer your question Meth :)

What you're quoting is in reference to the Aircraft Carriers being invulnerable to nuclear attacks, I don't think it mentions the difference in how much aircrafts supported by FAB & Aircraft Carriers are reduced.

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I would like to bump this topic, as it is an interesting question that wasn't really understood.


According to the description of nukes they destroy 75% of planes "stationed" at home (obviously how the planes are split up is arbitrary, as individual planes are not assigned to specific locations). So if you have 60 planes in your nation you are left with 15 after being nuked.


Planes stationed at a FAFB are reduced at a lower percentage, so of the 20 planes more than 5 survive.


So if you are nuked with construction, FAFB and max planes how many planes survive? Obviously it should be more than 20, but fewer than 35.

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