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Gameplay Help??

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First thing should be to choose an alliance. You are likely getting a lot of recruitment messages. See what you like, check the CN wiki for some information about the alliance. Do you want one that's democratic or more chain of command in structure? More wars? Neutral? Raiding other nations? Then, head to IRC and chat with the people in the alliance's public channel to see what they're like.


From there, you'll have access to a lot of help in nation building, econ and war, and will make the game a lot more interesting.




If you're not sure how to get to IRC, there's a link to the CN in-browser IRC client in-game. Go to Community, and the popup menu should have it at the bottom.

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That would depend on what you're looking for. The easy answer would be the New Pacific Order (since I'm a member, and obviously biased), but that may not be the best choice for you personally.


If you're able to hop on IRC, I'm in the main cybernations channel #cybernations and will be able to chat for a bit to help you out.

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Thanks Grady, but I've already found myself an alliance. :)

Also, thanks Xanth for the helpful link.


Lastly, how do I grow my population?

By buying infrastructure. There are other minor things that effect population, but the main factor if infra.

Some more advice: 

  • Decom your cruise missiles. They are worthless to hold onto. You should only ever buy them right before you use them. Otherwise they are just costing you money in bills. 
  • Trade your stadium for either a harbor or a foreign ministry.

Also, why you sending this guy 25 tech?

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