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Universal Exports Quarterly Update


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Quarterly Report Information

Financial Information

ASSETS, August 6, 2015
Strength: 7,386,070
Avg. Strength: 63,129
Member States: 117
Score: 29.62
Infrastructure: 807,837
Technology: 795,526
Nuclear Weapons: 1,807

Significant changes of items in the financial statements, previous quarter (May to August 2015)

Strength: +28.0% (5,771,588 to 7,386,070)
Avg. Strength: +15.9% (54,449 to 63,129)
Score: +27.1% (23.30 to 29.62)
Infra/Tech Ratio: -0.211 (1.226 to 1.015)
Nuclear Weapons: +30.0% (1,390 to 1,807)

Notable Highlights

Sanction Status: ACHIEVED.
Election of Devilyn Caster as Universal Exports representative.
Peak internal trade achieved; New external partners required for further growth.
Teapotism secured through general election; Theocratic conversion initiated.
Share prices remained high and avoided hostile takeover by aggressive entities.

Universal Exports Contacts

Gibsonator21, M
Stagger Lee, M
Mergerberger, 001
Charles Stuart, 002
Scipio Africanus, 003
Chimaera, 004
Shurukian, 005
James Bond, 007
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Drunk governments is best governments.  Words of wisdom to my good friend Gibs.


Trust me, we all drank heavily after the results were posted :P


Sup smurth

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Thanks for the heart attack guys

Thought I had been dragged back into gov't without my knowledge.

That being said, this is quite the sexy lineup.



We wouldn't do that to you.




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