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As Midnight Shaylanama once said, "What a twist!" I have a twist for you as well.

I, BUHDUHDUHDUH, am the leader of the TCA and all the evil deeds carried out by my vassals.

On a more serious note, what is the TCA? What is the goals of the TCA? Good? Evil? Annoying? Key members?

Pray tell, I ask thee.

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The person here claiming to be the leader of The Crimson Army is not a member of the organisation and as you can probably tell from the age of the nation is NOT the leader.

Gee, I wonder how you caught on to my delightfully delicate delicious plans!
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Someone passing by once told me,


"TCA is affiliated with SRA and shares a close alliance. As far as members in TCA, there are three main alliances and a lot of allies in other alliances.

There are several "admin" on the forum with no nation link denoting who it is in charge. TCA has a system where every alliance in TCA has a general who has an important part in deciding what TCA does"


The accuracy of it, I don't know. Although now it seems what was SRA is fully TCA controlled.





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