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An announcment from Farkistan and the New Sith Order

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The "Pissing in your Cheerios" Accords - OR - "Fark Side of That's No Moon!"

I. This treaty signifies the existence of a tangible relationship between the New Sith Order and Farkistan

II. If one of us gets attacked, the other will probably feel inclined to join the fight but they don't have to.

III. Times are tough, things are moving slowly, and we get bored. If one of us starts a fight, we might also be inclined to join that too.

IV. While we both enjoy a good scrap with anyone else, we don't want to fight each other. As long as this treaty exists, NSO and Fark will not fight against the other.

V. Treaty Review Period - This treaty will come under review in 60 days time, during which both parties will evaluate its continued deliciousness and possible addition of honey or nuts.

VI. Cancellation - Seriously? It's only for 60 days.





Signed for the New Sith Order


Sith Emperor: Joe Stupid
Dark Lord of the Sith: Spartacus1082
Sith Lord: Rebel Virginia
Sith Lord: USMC123

Master of Exaltation: Varianz
Marauder of Exaltation: Holton




Signed for Farkistan


Submitter: 905


Squirrel: One_Eighty_Two


TF Council


Decide R Inchief (Speaker)

NSFW (Smontag)

Bionic Redhead









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