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The admin gods closed the other thread so here it goes- 




Since it's creation aNiMaL Kindom has been at war. Constant war is all the family has ever known. We have fought wars against richer, larger, and politically supported alliances and won. We stand ready to preserve our independence. We will carry on the eternal fight. There has never been an alliance like us, and there never will be. We submit to no one. We answer to no one. We have come as liberators, and not conquerors. On Planet Bob the ends justify the means, and we need not explain ourselves, or our tactics to any outsiders. We offer freedom through enlightenment.


REMEMBER JULY 25th 15' !!!

The Government of AK

King- supreme ruler of the alliance 

High Chancellor- main diplomat of AK 

Governor of the interior- focuses on internal affairs


{Any treaty signed or otherwise upheld by the leadership of the former aNiMaLz AA is herby null and void. Protection is in the works (like we need it)} 


Feel free to join the fun :)

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