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Better late than never

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Molagbal[16:29] Come on Kiwi don't be stupid you know you love us.

KingWilliam[16:31] As if. If you continue to twist my words I'm going to have an ucler. We already talked about this.



Article I Sovereignty

The parties shall respect the sovereignty of each other, and neither party shall engage in any conduct which may impinge on the sovereignty of the other.

Article II Non-aggression

The parties shall not engage in aggressive actions against each other, including conducting espionage or declaring war on each other, or providing aid to enemies of either party.

Article III Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between the parties, because of the provisions of this treaty or of any other cause, the parties shall seek to resolve that dispute in private via proper diplomatic channels.

Article IV Intelligence

Each party must share with the other party intelligence or information that relates to or affects the safety or security of the other party.

Article V Optional Defense

If one of the parties is subject to an attack from another alliance or rogue nation, the attacked party may request military or financial assistance from the other party and the other party is encouraged but not obligated to provide such assistance as it is capable of providing.

Article VI- Optional Aggression

In the event that one Party requires assistance in an aggressive war against a Non-Signatory Alliance, both Parties are encouraged but not obligated to assist the other by means of political, financial, and military aid. This treaty provides both signatories with full legal justification to enter a conflict that concerns the other, if they so choose.

Article VII Termination

If one of the parties wishes to terminate this treaty, the terminating party must give 48 hours prior notice to the other party. Neither party shall engage in aggressive actions against each other for 72 hours after the termination of this treaty.


House (Molagbal)-Secretary General and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Zygon- Deputy Secretary General and Military Operations Commander
Justinian the Mighty -Internal Affairs Minister
Gandorian- Finance Minister
Shakyr-Education Minister


KingWilliam, President of Invicta
rotty, VP
Ordo, Chief of Staff, Minister of Awesome

Daniel Chrono, Minister of Internal Affairs
Lord Draculea, Minister of Finance
xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Roids
President Gunn, Minister of War

King Biscuit, i.r.Staff Esq.
Cappin' Pissflapps, Cpt.
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Congratulations to my friends in Invicta and NADC!


Can't help but to think of the hymn "Hine Ma Tov"!


"Hine ma tov u’ma-nayim

Shevet ach-im gam ya-chad" 

(loosely translated:  "Behold, how good that brothers should dwell together in unity")

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On behalf of your friends and allies in the State of Unified Nations I, Lord Darkath the 4th Emperor of SUN and Eclipse Lord, offer our sincerest congratulations!


Now, where's the after party? I'm in a desperate need for a drink :D XD


No, seriously, Congratulations NADC and Invicta! To a happy and peaceful future XD

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Wow. I didn't even know you guys still existed, though that's likely due to my own inactivity and general assumption that virtually all old alliances are dead.

E: congrats!

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