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Some R&R Announcements

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A few weeks ago, cmf0203 told me he would not seek re-election in the upcoming elections for his position as President of R&R. He told me he needed a break, and was gonna retire. (for now)


Our election cycle completed a couple hours ago, and it is with great honor that I get to announce that I was elected President of R&R, with our former longtime Minister of Defense, GreyOps, as my Vice President.


Seeing as how CMF's bus for the retirement home just arrived,



I would like to send off CMF with some parting gifts from his kids!


A brand new scooter:



Some....underwear protection:



And finally, some companionship:






CMF, thank you for all your service to R&R over the years, and enjoy your quite time. It's been well deserved buddy!




R&R's Current Government:


DemonSpawn - President

GreyOps- Vice President

WarriorSoul -  Minister of Foreign Affairs

Karl Peters - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

Johnap88 - Minister of Defense

Chichikov - Minister of Interior


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I've come to realize I can only lead 1 year at the time.  This marks the second go round of it.  Enjoy it Demon, you'll do fine.


Enjoyed working with all of you.  I'll still be around, if anyone wants to change my diapers.

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Can we give you the "bitter old man retiree" genre and we take the rest?

Only if Non Grata gets the young gold-digger genre. Does R&R or TLR need us to look pretty and push a wheelchair?



o/ Depends

o/ Rest & Relaxation

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Congratulations to the new Gov of R&R...


Saoirse and myself wish CMF the best in his future endeavors. Thank you for believing in my vision for Saoirse, CMF.


We look forward to continuing the great relationship as we go forward with the Gov.

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