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Use GIFs

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This could be implemented in SE and TE, but since i'm active in TE i'll post it here.

This game is awesome, and waring is a big thrill, but a bit more visual stimulation would make it even more fun, so i suggest you use GIFs for wars instead of JPEG or PNG..etc

it is smaller in size, would look way more fun, and you can make it some sort of a contest where members suggest different GIFs for different scenarios (Nuking, Cruising, Aggressive attacks.....) and then pick the ones you like best (with paying attention to the rights of this GIFs, i'm not a lawyer, but i assume you can get sued if you use the wrong pic).


You can also have an array of different GIFs for each scenario, and every time that scenario gets called(lets say aircraft attack), you have a function that pics a GIF from that array at random (given that this function won't slow things down). 

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