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I apologize, I've been asleep at the TPC war machine for a while...



When I woke up and realized what time it was, immediately I ordered my crew to start cleaning the guns



Now I'm ready for war.





TPC Declares war on The Dark Order


o/ War

20 Nations 
403,349 NS
20,167 ANS
81 Nukes (9 nations)
4 nations over 30k NS
4 nations over 25k NS
4 nations over 20k NS
3 nations over 15k NS
18 Nations
387,649 NS
21,536 ANS
92 nukes (11 nations)
3 nations over 30k NS
5 nations over 25k NS
4 nations over 20k NS
2 nations over 15k NS
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Some other alliances could learn a lot from this declaration.

We love TPC, and we're going to show you how much with bombs and bullets!

Here's to a good war.

o/ TDO
o/ TPC

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Wow, got home from work after being up 22 hrs pulling a double and found like 40 messages in my in box!

You guys caught me with my pants down on this one....it would help if this rain would ever stop here, on the bright side
my pay check over the last few weeks was almost doubled (taxes suck) and I just save a ton on my car insurance :P

o/ to a fun war

GL to everyone

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