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The world is in flames, but at least we have hope.


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The ever expanding Imperium used the local population in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas to continue to mold the Western Americas into its liking. Los Angeles, like Hong Kong so many years ago was given full independence in exchange for certain military and economic concessions. One of the few drawbacks for the Imperium's economic future within Los Angeles was Macau and even Hawaii were lengthy trips compared to Los Vegas, and so expansion began that way and to the south, the Baja peninsula would be included into the new territory.

To the southeast of the American Space Elevator, our adventuring Duo of Mogar and Antasija were caught between several hundred rebels, who were left quite displeased that certain artifacts had been removed from their possession, and well, a rock. Specifically, a bunker complex which they had been forced into by their opponents currently encircling them. Left with no other option they had sent word for an emergency evac and fled into the tunnels. Between the two of them they held about 120 rounds of ammunition, so unless their opponents deciding to come slowly two at a time to allow for double kills with a single round, it was unlikely Mogar and Antasija would be fighting their way out of this.

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This is not a story about our duo though. 
Excerpt from AAR, Lieutenant Milo Law

"We'd gotten notified of an Imperium VIP requiring assistance from unknown hostile forces at 2:23am local time, and our VTOL took off by 2:30. It was a normal trip, with the Captain playing some old industrial music like he always did. As we got closer to the extraction point, electronic interference forced the pilot to fly manual. By the time we were a kilometer away we could clearly see signs of combat surrounding the complex we had been sent to, burning husks of trucks and corpses littered the ground. It would have been a horrific scene, but most of the platoon had assisted in retaking Joseon and the mainland territories so many years ago so they did not show any signs of reaction. Captain Qiang was the first on the ground after biometric scans concluded there was no one living remaining within 300 meters of our craft.

Splitting into two man fire teams we moved slowly towards the entrances to what we concluded was the main structure. Radiation levels climbed progressively as we got closer, our combat suits pumped us full of iodine to minimize the effects, but the electronic interference also grew, making us unable to accurately judge exactly what were we getting into. Specialist Phoenix Summers asked Captain Qiang who exactly it was we were tracking down, since this was our first mission in which none of us were told who we were even looking for. His quick retort of "Classified." shut down that line of questioning, leaving the rest of us wondering, It took several minutes to hack the door, the technology was decades old but seemed far more advanced than it should have been, and a fireteam was left at the entrance while myself and the rest of the platoon entered through the massive doors that had slowly opened.

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"...It's theorized that the ambient radiation from several nuclear wars, on top of the enhanced dosage from living on ムーン, or any of the hundreds of space stations within the inner solar system were the cause of the mutations, but genetic manipulation may have held a part as well in some cases, the proverbial Anton's Key could exist with nearly any alteration of the DNA, so an unfortunate consequence of our technological advances may be any one of the hundreds of millions of designer babies may be the next Einstein, or the next Kali."


"....And as the door fluttered closed behind us, that's when the noise began. A dull ringing that seemed to come from everywhere at once, no one else in the squad could hear it and we had more important things to worry about. After several minutes of examination by the Medic, a quiet Thai by the name of Jatsu Hyperion, we kept on, I'd have to deal with the headache until we accomplished our objective.

I had managed we continue onward, I can't really remember much about the hallways we traveled though besides when I touched the wall my head hurt so bad I couldn't see, I didn't repeat that mistake for the rest of my time in that forsaken place. After approximately a half hour of exploring downwards we encountered a cargo elevator, along with another recently ended battlefield. The front half of some type of Mercedes was surrounded by what added up to a dozen charred corpses, with the back of the Benz scattered around, most likely from an RPG or rocket of some type, we didn't stay to examine beyond ensuring they were all dead and not the objective. 

Capo pressed the only button next to the massive doors on the wall opposed to us and after what felt like the longest wait of my life opened to what was truly a spectacular cargo shaft. We all entered onto the platform that could easily hold 8 MBTs and have space left over. "What was this place?" I asked, scanning the rest to gauge if they reacted to the question. Boss man was poker faced, of course, several others did not match my gaze. I waited for one of them to be brave enough to risk a reply, Jatsu was the first, surprisingly. "The Imperium's old ally that seemingly evaporated overnight, you didn't think a nation could completely disappear, could you?" I had considered that already, "But then why are we the first to find anything related to their military?" Jatsu didn't have an answer for this but the Captain did. "We're not." We rode in silence after that, but 10 minutes later we were still descending, and the throbbing in my head became unbearable, "So are we going back to Tokyo by elevator?" Summers asked dryly, as the elevator came to a slow and then a halt. "Guess not." he said, sounding genuinely disappointed. 

The doors stayed closed, and the Captain gave us all a final look over before hitting the glowing outward arrows, letting in the scent of stale air. We ended up having to our activate night vision contacts, the only light source came from the elevator. The doors closing allowed our eyes to fully adjust and I saw we were in a cavern complex, looking completely unrelated to what we had just come from. The natural cave held two possible paths, so unfortunately that meant splitting up.

"Keep in radio contact every 2 minutes, if you lose radio contact send one return to this location, once we find the objectives we extract them and leave, we aren't here for anything else, got that?" The captain asked, looking at me directly. "Yes, Sir."

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