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Invicta Declaration of War

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Hope you guys have fun with this.


The old man in me says this is part of what is wrong with CN today, though.  "We were at war six months ago, so let's sign a treaty."


I hope it works out for everybody involved.  Good luck, guys and gals.

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So is the web more convulated than it has ever been? I lost track after disorder.

Also congrats!

We should get together to draw a web. That'd be fun ;)

Thanks for the congrats, even if I also understand your pain.

You treat DK right, Invicta, or it's nukes for you!~

Yes Sir.

Way to go, not only did you disappoint me with this fake war, but you pleased me with the treaty, now im not sure who to nuke

I like to ride the line. We could point that nuke at a mutual target. Maybe~
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Well here I was about to pull out my "@#$% got real!" siren and then had to do a double take.


Congratulations guys.

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