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Invicta Declaration of War

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An Invicta Declaration of War
On November 7th 2014, Doom Squad declared war upon Invicta without a proper casus belli. Many did not agree with this heinous act, but Invicta welcomed it, because we needed a new nemesis other than GATO. Time has passed since the uncalled for war against Invicta, Invicta has had time to rebuild, Doom Squad has had time to rebuild and formerly reform under the alias Doom Kingdom. Unfortunately for them, this does not excuse their previous actions and barbaric acts. The time has come for them to answer for their actions. The time has come for us to take a stand against oppression.
So without further adieu, Invicta declares war on Do…
Oops, wrong speech.
My apologies, I am here to announce the Doom Kingdom - Invicta PIAT. So without further adieu, the Forged in Flame and Blood Pact:


Forged in Flame and Blood Pact

Preamble: This Peace, Intelligence, and Aid treaty is between the alliances of Doom Kingdom and Invicta, in the spirit of friendship, co-operations, etc.
Article I: Peace
The signatories of this treaty agree not to conduct any acts of warfare, espionage, or any other acts of violence against the other. If this happens, the signatories shall handle the situation properly and maturely.
Article II: Intelligence
In the event that one signatory gains intelligence on the other that could be vital to their security, they must share that intelligence with them.
Article III: Aid
At any time, a signatory of this treaty may ask for aid of any kind from the other. Although the other signatory has the option to refuse the aid with a reason specified, it is recommended that they send the aid as soon as possible.
Article IV: Termination
At any time, one signatory may cancel this treaty for any reason. If this happens, the canceler must give the other signatory seventy-two hours notice of the cancellation. Article I remains in effect for an additional one hundred and twenty hours after the treaty is cancelled.
Article V: Review
Sixty days after the the treaty is announced, both parties agree to review the treaty to determine whether to upgrade, cancel, or continue. If both parties agree to continue, the treaty will be reviewed again in sixty days.
Signed for Doom Kingdom:
Hapapants - Doomfather
Gh0s7 - Doomanager
White Chocolate - Doombassador
Banned - Doomerchant
Xavier - Doomarshall
Franz - Doom Councilor
Caliph - Doom Councilor
Daeg - Doom Councilor
Addaff - Doom Councilor
Signed for Invicta:

KingWilliam, President of Invicta
rotty, VP, shadow gov orchestrator, Phate on IRC

President Gunn, Chief of Staff, Minister of Love, and Learz's Playboy

xR1 Fatal Instinct, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Interim Minister of War, Kiwi's boy toy
Ordo, Minister of Awesome
Edited by xR1 Fatal Instinct
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