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Joint Announcement from the White Sphere

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After over a year of on/off talks, revision, and much dedication, I am proud to announce that the White team has come 
together in our own selfish interests to provide a beautifully worded economic agreement which will benefit the sphere for 
(hopefully) years to come!

The "Finally something we can all agree on" Pact

White Prosperity Agreement


I. All undersigned parties agree to uphold the conditions within this document.
II. Trades and Technology Deals - In the pursuance of economic growth, all parties agree to share their resources so 
that no member nation goes without a full trade circle. The undersigned parties will utilize the Grand Spaceport located on 
the New Sith Order forums for this purpose.
III. Senate Voting - In pursuance of national prosperity, all parties agree to have at least one active delegate 
available to discuss all new white team Senate Proposals. The undersigned parties will utilize the White Team Meeting 
Grounds located on the MI6 forums for this purpose. It shall be the responsibility of diplomats or delegates to reasonably 
discuss and decide on a proper course of action for any given proposal. If no discussion takes place, each alliance's 
senator is asked to vote in the best interest of their individual alliances.
IV. New Parties - If any white team alliance should want to join then a simple majority vote from the signatories 
will allow membership into this pact.
V. Cancellation - Should any alliance wish to withdraw from this treaty, a simple 24 hours notice shall be posted in 
the White Team Meeting Grounds located on the MI6 forums so that all signatories can see.
Signed for Siberian Tiger Alliance,
Supreme Chancellor: Tygaland
Chancellor: Conistonslim
Consilium Tigris:
Signed for Her Majesty's Secret Service (MI6),
TheListener, M
Abbas, M
Mergerberger, 001
Voodoo, 002
Scipio Africanus, 003
JayR95, 004
Gibsonator21, 005
James Bond, 007
Signed for The Phoenix Federation,
Evil Overlord: the bringer of all that is evil  and those that fear to say his name, his holiness :  HailSatan 
Phoenix Magistrate of Foreign Affairs: wicked tongue of the world, talker to all : Hictok 
Phoenix Magistrate of Internal Affairs: Master of pen : Grabem
Phoenix Magistrate of War: Master leader of death and destruction : Leeguy
Ember: retired but not dead but active enough to be named here : grahamkeatley aka GK 
Signed for the New Sith Order,
Empress Joe Stupid,
Dark Lord Spartacus1082


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Would like to thank the NSO and Holton for taking the lead in putting this together. Look forward to working with TPF, NSO and MI6 growing economic prosperity on white.

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