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The Roman Republic Recruitment Center

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Info: The Roman Republic was created on the 19th June 2015 and has finally been announced of its existence today. The Roman Republic is looking for new recruits to expand itself.


History: The Roman Republic is all that remains of an alliance known as The Eastern Coalition after it collapsed from within due to inactivity. From the ashes of the old came the new, thus has arose The Roman Republic, an alliance that goes along with its motto: Profit. Peace. Democracy.


PS: The Eastern Coalition was never announced publicly as there had been complications by getting the charter toegther and the inactivity that occured.


What to expect: The Roman Republic offers protection against nations who raid others for tech and money. It also offers a democratic system of voting and a small variety of senatorial offices that are granted through votes. Each nation looks after each other, especially in times of need.


Will only accept nations who's government is Republic and Democracy, all others are out.


If you decide to join contact me via this link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=572317


And remember; Roma Invicta!

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Remember, any new and old democratic nations can join The Roman Republic, simply contact me and time will tell.


Some simple rules to remember when you attempt to join: you must not be in any active wars, government type must be Republic or Democracy (religion doesn't matter) and you must be a loyal and respectful of others.


Roma Invicta!

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With some advice, there are a few changes for those nations wishing to join The Roman Republic.


1. Any nation with whatever government can join, but only for a limited time. Once a week or two is up any nation in the alliance that has a government type that isn't Republic, Democracy or Federal Government will have to change it. (This is for new nations who are trying to improve their economy)


2. Federal Governments are now counted as being democratic, the Federal Government was forgotten about and now can be used.


Those wishing for freedom from tyranny and autocracy can join, contact me and I'll get you started. Any nation who joins will be allowed to view the charter and give their opinions and advice on what they believe should be added.


Roma Invicta!

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