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Aid/Rebuying Soldiers


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This happened to me yesterday, so when I sent soldiers today, I took screen shots.


All attacks against my nation were run after update.  I repurchased the maximum number of soldiers.  This morning, still in the same game day as of rebuying soldiers, I sent aid;





The aid of 4000 soldiers was accepted by Dark Zone Elite



However, while nothing about my nation had changed since I rebought soldiers, except for sending aid to DZE, I was not able to buy back the number of soldiers I sent.  Instead, I was limited to only 2444.


I am unsure if this a glitch or a mechanic of the game that I am unaware of.  I'm posting this on advice from others.


Thanks for your time, in advance.

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Purchasing all the soldiers you can reduces your happiness and increases your population density. This then makes people want to leave your nation, reducing the amount of soldiers you can purchase.


Quick tip, block out how big your WC is, you don't want your opponents seeing how much you have

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