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Official Announcement from The Order of the Paradox

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Another cycle of elections have concluded and TOP has a new government.
Grandmaster: Zac
Grand Chancellor: DragonAspect
Grand Hospitaller: Salajol
Councillor at Large: Deus


Buzz Lightyear

We would like to thank iamthey and the outgoing government for their service and announce the departure of Centurius from this world. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi!
This public service message has been brought to you from the Office of the CaL*.
*The most useless position ever.

Edited by Deus PDOX
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I feel like the world is now complete with Zac as TOP GM.  Next up: disbandment.
TOP is a classic example of trying so hard to win one battle that it forgets it's setting itself up to lose the war.

Uh, most people that were going to win the war just kinda got bored with how easy it was, really.

You can't blame TOP for the vices of practically all alliances in the world; 99% of the "strong" leaders of the past are long gone. Edited by Neo Uruk
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In this thread Deus Announcing his gov position.

Edit: Congrats to the new government though. Thank you cent for your time, and best wishes on the ~higher plane~.

Edited by iamthey
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