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EAF Factbook

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Government: Federal Unitary dominant party republic/Head of state appointed by regional governors 

Currency: African Shilling 

State Religion: None (secular state)

Languages: Somali, Arabic, English, German.

Demonym: East African 


Summery: To call the East African Federation a true republic is debatable. Almost none of the representatives are elected by the general population however public demand to replace and remove a governor is possible and has happened more than once to prevent outright rebellion. The EAF has a rather large military compared to the rest of Africa and spends over 55% of its GDP into maintaining the army. With a national conscription and forced enlistment, there is no shortage of soldiers to fight for the Federation. The economy is strictly regulated by the state and income taxes vary to overall annual averages. 

Civil rights are rather low considering other nations, homosexuality is illegal, and religious groups are often slandered and insulted by state officials for their beliefs. People with mental illnesses are looked down upon and children with down syndrome are killed after diagnoses or put into slave labor for the state in the various mines. Citizens are not allowed to possess firearms or anything resembling opposing political manifests that would harm the Federations' hold of the territory. Women rights are practically non existent and most women attempt to remain indoors to avoid harassment. 





Military: All men aged 16-50 are conscripted into military service, 118,000 are placed into active duty while the rest go into reserves till war time. Most of the EAF army is supplied by left over Soviet hardware and are trained within a two week span.


EAF infantry: Armed with Ak-47 assault rifles, and M1911 handguns. The EAF soldier isn't necessarily the best equipped soldier in the modern world. Their sheer numbers and ruthlessness are required to make up for the lack of sufficient advanced technology. Uniforms are simple camo fatigues and old cold war era helmets. M67 grenades are the preferred hand grenade of the EAF due to their ease of assembly in sweat shops.







EAF armored corps: using outdated tech the EAF army has a large armored corps used to intimidate and control their country and keep warbands from raiding the border. 


Main battle tanks: T-55, T-62, Upgraded Sherman tanks


Troop transports: WW2 Jeep, V8 cargo truck, BTR-60



EAF Airforce: The most expensive of the EAF's military is also its most prized and needed. Pilots are treated like lower class royalty with higher pay than any other non-command personal in the EAF army.


Main fighters: MiG-21MF variant, MiG-25 Foxbat

Bombers: MiG-27, Tu-4. 

Helicopters: Hind-D, Mi-17

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