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I've been telling you IT is coming for weeks now.


IT is here.



A Long Standing Tradition Will Continue








Nukapalooza 2015

(May 31 - June 3)


Featuring the Anniversary Party of the Nuclear Proliferation League

(Why in Hell Do You Think We Reformed?)
- Nukabeers aplenty.  The Kegs are tapped in the Nukabar!  This year we are featuring all labels from NPL microbrewery.
- Roast a Government Member:  We're probably hanging out in #NPL.  Feel free to stop by and Troll Us.
- Thunderdome!  Two Men Enter; One Man Leaves.
- Kill's House of !@#$%* Paint Art:  A Lovely Contest to See How Bad You Might Suck (though Kill is judging, so you know).
- Did I Mention Shenanigans?
- The NPL Ninja has returned.
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As today is the last day of Nukapalooza, I figure I should deliver on the promised announcement of our new block.  Thanks to those who contributed to bringing about:




A Block to Rival DUNE Treaty









Article 1. Preamble

We, the undersigned, hereby known as House Atreides, come together out the desperate need to procreate the ancient and the future.  House Atreides is unlike any block past nor future, for we control the Water of Life and with it, the melange.

Article 2:  Sovereignty

Of the past, we recognize our own achievements are our own.  Of the future, we pledge to uphold the sovereignty of each individual AA's planetary rights, as well as their rights to breed as they see fit and travel as they please.

Article 3:  Membership

We'll let you know if we will allow you to join our opposition to the Padishah Emperor, The Nobel Houses of Landsaard, and the Spacing Guild.


Article 4:  Peace, Security, War, and Control of Arrakis

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::REDACTED:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: against those who oppress our freedoms.  As for war, we tend to frown heavily upon those who wish to impose their dispositions upon.  Keep in mind that an attack on one signatory is an attack on all.  In all other cases, we will nuke first and ask questions secondly.  Any attempts to undermine our control of the melange will result in all out destruction. [spoiler]Disclaimer:  Any signatories who wish not to uphold this part of the pact may voice their opinion to the contrary.  Just not in public.  Never in Public, !@#$%*es.[/spoiler]


Article 5:  New Signatories

We'll sign them when and how we want to sign them.


Article 6:  Withdrawal

We'll let you know if and when you can withdrawal.  Attempts to do so before we let you know will result in




For the Nuclear Proliferation League

Kem:  Intergalactic Crusher of Moldy Holes, Lord of the Shens

Dark Zone Elite:  Dirty Man from Down Under the United States (center of the universe), Masturbater Extraordinaire, Drinker of Fine Alcohol (o/Black Label, Natural Ice, and Arbor Mist), King of Nobodies, Pwner of Spaztik Muffin and Father of all Brits, Shensumvirate

Spaztik Muffin:  Really from the Land Down Under (which is further from the center of the universe), Winner of NPL's Top Chef Award, Former Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Champion, Replacement Crocodile Hunter, Shensumvirate

Countainer:  He Who Will Not Be Countained, He Who Shall Not Pass, He Who is Not Afraid to Pass, He Who Passed, Lover of all Things Gas, Shensumvirate

Houston:  Who the Hell is This Guy? perennial election loser living out his fantasies of power online, trusted inmate of the NPL asylum, 80 year-old man trapped in a young man's body, the guy who stares at you on the bus. Shensumvirate

King Wally:  King Nothing, Worshiper of all Music 1989 - 2001, Rap Master, Winner of Epic Rap Battles of History, Lives Upside Down, Has a Garage, Shensumvirate

Kill - Warmonger, spammer of embassies, former ankle biter extraordinaire, unwanted step child. Shensumvirate

Smurthwaite - Thrower of fits, Unimaginative Twit, Moral Crusader, Hater of Haters, Licker of Cati, Worshiper of the Red Ass, Full of BS, and CN Clown. Shensumvirate



For Guinness:

Redarmy, True Protector of the Realms, Owner of the 1%, Communist Extrodinaire



For Los Pollos Hermanos:

Not a single sig required


For Pee Wee’s Playhouse:

Again, they were owned


For Imperial Assault Alliance:





Eviljack Who Asked for TENE to be Included in this Awesomeness



For Hooligans:

Dark Emporer Xanth of the I Don’t Give a $%&@ Clan

Dre4mWe4ver Guardian of Left Right Out of the Hooligans



For FOK:

Muted_Faith at the Behest of JRaison (Nobody Told MF, but see Articles 5 and 6)



For Rouge Légion Étrangère Ane:





May Admin Have Mercy, For We Are Sure Nobody Else Will



Edit:  c/p mistakes fixed

Edited by smurthwaite
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