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Peace Time

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So, no need to make a big elaborate announcement.


The Sandstorm Confederacy declared war on Monsters, Inc. because they attacked our ally. Nukes were tossed, some good conversation was had, and that's pretty much that.


TSO and Monsters, Inc. have agreed to peace, and so we no longer see a need to fight MI. Therefore, TSC recognizes a state of peace with MI, and will peace out the one remaining war between us.



Signed for TSC:


Alex0827a - Elder of Travel

Kream - Elder of War

Satan1612 - Elder of Organization

eXcessium - Elder of the Treasury

ConRed - Elder of Things And Stuff, Because Reasons



Special mention to Jonesing for giving me my 2 millionth casualty :P

Also, a special thanks to those who commented on my avatar in the DoW topic. I'll get around to changing it at some point. Maybe.

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