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Defcon 1 vs New League of Dalek Nations

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Greetings Nations of TE
Our last war for #35, so I we are elated to find a great battle w/good stats. 
Defcon 1 vs New League of Dalek Nations
New League of DALEK Nations
Total Nations         Strenght  Average  Total XP  Score
NLDN 29       24     245,984   8,482      629         34.26
Land       Infras.   Tech    Aircraft  Nukes
13,013   50,038   7,258   601        50
Defcon 1
Total Nations  Strenght   Average   Total XP   Score
D1        24 19  261,025   10,876      1,542       30.26
Land     Infras.      Tech        Aircraft      Nukes
10,267  48,834     5,799      431           47
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Defcon 1: Four 20k+, Four 15-20k, Four 10-15k, Six 5-10k, Eight 0-5k
14 MP's, 17 SDI's

New League of DALEK Nations: One 20k+, ZERO 15-20k, Six 10-15k, Sixteen 5-10k, Six 0-5k
10 MP's, 6 SDI's

This also makes a Kitty who just got nukes pissy! To the la muerte de Defcon 1!!!!!!

Edited by PrincessKitty
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     Well,well...  looking to enliven TE's experience, my friend cowboy just took on pay us a visit  at NLoDN...! :(


I don't have to to tell how surprised I was  seen "brothers" coming after us :o ... but this is the way cowboy 


think is best for everybody here...!!!!! <_<    I am kinda hurt by that decision still -_- , but at this time in the game, probably


this will be the last  War action for both of us at the end of TE-35 :popcorn: ... !  I hope the new NLoDN will prove to be a good foe and


war "Friend"...  !    :gun:    :war: :D :nuke:

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        There are types of LOVE that can Kill anyone...!!! :P


Even when my WC was afflicted by your Blitz,  with the little $$$ i got , your medium rare own flesh was nicely served to you,eh


cowboy!!!?  ;)     A shame we couldn't get to your Biggest dude... nor he wanted it to happen...! Lol!  


But  we responded good to this "Friendly" exercise, I'd say...! :)

Edited by HDSupreme
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Cowboy, are you someone important?????




          Sure Kitty...!  He is my Friend  from since "theWarriors" good epoch,  a long time now...!    ;)       


        (He does like my Emoticons here...and my terrible English writing...Lol!) :lol1:

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