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When you only act when the situation is convenient and ignore the same infractions when inconevenent, is it really "standing up for what you believe in" or is it declaring a belief to use as an excuse?


We just declared with 360k against 1.4m.


Yes there are wars going on already - and their coalition outnumbers all their opponents by what? 10:1 at least?


Personally, I up-declared significantly to get to Vandelsand, who has sat unmolested to this point because no one was in range to him. And he has reserves to hit me back with, that are similarly out of range of everyone except myself.


So how exactly do you reckon this is convenient? 

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I do so love comics.  Can we possibly get artists who empathize with each side to write dueling comics?



Are you implying our conscripted laborers in the Sengoku comic mines empathize with either side?

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Personally I would like for the use of sanctions during wartime to be destigmatized.


That said, Monsters Inc supports Kashmir's senator on yellow. Should TSO have any nations on yellow (you don't), should MI request their reciprocal sanctioning (which they'd be justified in doing), and should we honor their request (which we'd have reason to do), what would TSO's reaction be? Would sanctioning as a weapon still be acceptable? I'll go ahead and cut off any potential vitriol and remind you that it's an honest line of questioning, nothing more.


This takes balls, CA. Good on you and best of luck.  :)

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Sigrun will be a fierce opponent. I appreciate her sportsmanship. She has been nothing but courteous. I sent a nuke her way today to seal the deal, this should be a great fight.

She has the reserves to fight all of TSO until the end of Planet Bob!

We will memorialize the dead soldiers...

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