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Your Hunt Is Over


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Been hunting for a good alliance lately and having trouble deciding?


Then let me tell you about the Dark Templars.  We are not some upstart alliance.  We have a solid rep that everyone respects.  We don't go starting problems but if problems come to our door then we crush it and burn it with fire.  Seeing a DT nation declare on you is about as welcome as catching the plague.  If you don't know how to fight we will teach you.....in the deep section of the pool.  If you know how to fight then you are always welcome.


We are not a busy alliance internally.  Lots of long term players who quietly stack their pixels awaiting the next bloody winter.  Our rules are pretty simple and we don't mess around with a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff.  Respect everyone and show up when the calls go out works for us.  You can be as active or not as you like.  We speak our minds plainly and bluntly so everyone knows where they stand. 


Young nations go into our Probes where we tech farm you with lots of incoming cash.  Older nations go into the main alliance and into the battle line.  Either way we want you to build strong because we don't mess around when a killing needs to be done.  We have the experience to teach anything you don't already know.


Message any of our senior nations in-game or drop by our forums to check us out: http://thedarktemplar-cn.com/forum/

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