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Holy Empire of Monte Cristo


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Official Nation Name: The Holy Empire of Monte Cristo
Other Names: The Imperium, the Holy Empire, or just simply, the Empire
Official Flag:
Emperpr: Monte Cristo von Terra, 117th Emperor
Prime Minister: (Unassigned Position)
Government Type: Absolute Monarchy
Seat of Government: Pendragon Imperial Palace (Above the Upper House)
Legislature: Parliamentary (No actual power to affect the course of the government)
Meeting Place of Parliament: Pendragon Imperial Palace (Grand Chancellery)
                                                          Lower House - House of Commons
                                                          Upper House - House of Lords
The Holy Empire of Monte Kurisuto is a massive, efficient and orderly nation, ruled by Monte Cristo with an iron fist, and remarkable for its compulsory military service, sprawling nuclear power plants, avowedly heterosexual populace, and restrictive gun laws. The hard-nosed, cynical, humorless, devout population of 1.925 billion Imperial Citizens are ruled without fear or favor by an Emperor.
The government — an enormous, bureaucracy-choked, moralistic, well-organized morass — juggles the competing demands of Defense, Law & Order, and Education. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of Monte Cristo. The average income tax rate is 99.3% and even higher for the wealthy.
Political Parties:
  • Ordo Monte Cristo (OMC) - Largest and Official Political Party of the Empire, housing 58% of the seats on Parliament. Mostly Ultranationalists, Fascist and Right-Wing Conservative party that follows Philosophie von Monte Cristo. Became well known after the Black Rebellion; orchestrated by Monte Cristo that led to a bloody Civil War and in the end; the fall of the Old Empire.


  • Liberal Party (LP) - Remnant of the Old Republic, housing only 3% of the seats on Parliament. But it still gains the support of some Imperial Citizens. Due to the past events, the Liberal Party has decreased its popularity drastically.
  • Communist Reformist Party (CRP) - Contrary to it's Radical counterpart; the Communist Revolutionary Army - the armed wing of the CRP. Housing only 2% of the seats on Parliament.
  • Norsefire (NF/the Party) - Second largest Political Party with Fascism and Imperial Nationalism as its Ideology. Housing 35% of the seats of Parliament. The Official Political Party of the Old Empire.


  • Nacionalista Party (NP) - Remnant of the Old Republic, housing 2% of the seats on Parliament.
Currency: (Imperial) Credit
GDP: 266 trillion Imperial Credits a year
          138,427 Imperial Credits per person
Poorest 10%: 104,681 Imperial Credits
Richest 10%: 177,409 Imperial Credits
The frighteningly efficient Imperial economy, worth 266 trillion Imperial Credits a year, is driven entirely by a combination of government and state-owned industry, with private enterprise illegal. The industrial sector, which is extremely specialized, is mostly made up of the Arms Manufacturing industry, with significant contributions from Information Technology. Average income is an impressive 138,427 Imperial Credits, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.
******MILITARY INFO*****
Military Headquarters: Pendragon Imperial Palace (West Wing a.k.a Military Wing)
Note: reportedly 60%-70% of the population is in military service

Branches of the Military

  • Imperial Guard - Consists of the Imperial Guardsmen (Majority), Military Police (Law Enforcement). The largest coherent fighting force in the Empire. They serve as the Empire's primary combat force, and first and last line of defense from the myriad threats which threaten the safety of the Empire. It is comprised of men and women --  thousands of different regiments, supported by a vast array of light and heavy armored vehicles that provide the Guard's primary offensive punch. They are usually the first Imperial force to respond to a threat if the Empire's Border Defense Force (BDF) fails to suppress it. They also garrison major locations of strategic or cultural interest to the Empire and are often found in defensive roles. The Imperial Guard is often referred to as the "Sledgehammer of the Emperor"; the sheer amount of force that the Imperial Guard can bring to bear on the enemy is devastating.
  • Imperial Air Force - One of the Armed Forces of the Empire, while the Imperial Guard represents the Empire's ground forces, the Imperial Air Force represents its Air Superiority. They are responsible for deep strike operations that brings the Imperial Guard behind enemy lines. They are responsible for bringing precious supplies fast by means of going to the air and for bringing the Imperial Guard in and out of combat.
  • Imperial Navy - One of the Armed Forces of the Empire. The Imperial Navy is a member of the Border Defense Force in charge of the safety of the Empire from attacks coming at sea. They are responsible for the Naval Theater of War.
  • Secret Intelligence Services (SIS) - This branch of the military splits further into 3 groups.
                        1. Imperial Inquisition - a secret organisation that exists outside the standard administrative hierarchy of the Holy Empire. The Inquisition acts as the secret police force of the Empire, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to the stability of the Emperor's realm.
                         2. Officio Assassinorum - a highly secretive agency of the Holy Empire's government that employs different  "temples" that train Assassins to further the goals and protect the security of the Holy Empire. Although the Inquisition strikes fear in the hearts of all Imperial citizens, loyal and corrupt alike, the deadly disciples of the Officio Assassinorum strike fear in the hearts of even the most savvy, battle-hardened of Imperial warriors.
                         3. Military Intelligence (MI) - in charge of reconnaissance, infiltration, and Secret Police work. Though they are part of the Secret Police, they are means as great as the Imperial Inquisition. The main difference between the two is that The Inquisition are so secretive and never left a trace, it is almost as if the Inquisition never existed. Rather than the MI who's identities are known to the public, but still maintains its secretive works.
Research and Development Corps.: Highly Classified
Ethnicity: Mixed
Demonym: Imperial (Citizen)
Capital City: Pendragon (The City)
Major Cities: Cadia (Main Military Training Site), Titanos (Commercial City), Ferrum (Cultural Hub), Stratos (Most Populated)
Religion: Imperialism (66.7%), Catholicism (10.5%), Orthodox Christianity (8.5%), Protestantism(8.2%), Islam(4.3%), Others(1.8%).
In terms of culture, the Holy Empire is vast with culture of different variety. Even though it is the Globalization Era, where "Liberal Views" were "encouraged," homosexuality is strictly prohibited, Freedom of Expression is limited; talks against the government is strictly prohibited and might result to execution on the spot, violence is strictly prohibited and a no gun policy is being followed. There is a feel of a Cult of Personality to the head of government.
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