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The MI6 International Ice Hockey League.


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I'm an Australian with a disturbing and unusual (for Australians) interest in Ice Hockey, a disturbing and unusual affinity for excel spreadsheets, and a disturbing and unusual amount of free time to blow on meaningless internet shenanigans.


I've combined these things to create the DUDUDU MI6 IIHL (Disturing Unusual Disturbing Unusual Disturbing Unusual Military Intelligence Section Six International Ice Hockey League), an excel based Ice Hockey League hosted on the MI6 forums.


The league currently has procedures for a home and away season, finals, player progression and retirement, player trading, and an annual league draft. The simulation is deep enough to be able identify the efforts of individual offence and defence lines, with a planned upgrade after the first season enabling the simulation to be able to identify the efforts of individual players. It does have limits and has some moderate differences to standard NHL hockey, but generates plausible results based on player skill and on/off days, and requires thought and planning from team managers to ensure their best team is being played.


To register a team, sign up as an ambassador on the MI6 forums (cn-mi6.com), then head to http://cn-mi6.com/index.php?showtopic=2826

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I refuse to be a part of anything MI6 related. Hope someone else takes this over.

I created it, I can name it after my butt and put up a logo of the result of me sitting on a photocopier if I want. :|

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I refuse to be a part of anything MI6 related. Hope someone else takes this over.

It's an OOC event posted in an OOC forum. So unless you hate MI6 OOC (which you can, but I'd really like to know where that comes from - PMs open if you want), I don't get why it having anything to do with MI6 would stop you joining if you're interested.

Even if it is an IC dislike, it's still a game. If you see something you might like go do it. There's plenty of people who come to our forums just for the games, and don't bother with IC dealings. Edited by Gibsonator21
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Just running this one for now - this is the only sport I follow that the majority of you would even know of, and this will probably take a reasonable amount of time daily to operate. However, I'm going to post results up here, so an entrepreneuring individual will be able to see the calculator and either borrow and amend the sheet for their own thing or build one themselves- it's not that complex, just took a long time to set up.

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We now have 10 people signed up to manage teams (I want to as well but GM conflict of interest etc). The league will be closed to signups after saturday night's CN update, and all rosters will need to be submitted by sunday night's CN update. If more than 16 people sign up, I'll take them all, and NPC extra teams until the number of teams in the league is a multiple of 4.


Also, the IIHL now has it's own subforum- so head to http://cn-mi6.com/index.php?showforum=183 instead now.

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Two small round robin preseason tournaments are now up;


The first between the 5 player teams that were ready at the time (Hamilton City Highlanders- Mastabadey, Goldshire Lions- TheListener, Darwin Crocodiles- me (couldn't resist), Fort Wayne Minutemen- ForSparta, Jackson Black Bears- Greywall);



The second between the four NPC filler teams that are expected to shore up the league below 16 teams- more or less may be needed, but these are the teams available now. (Santiago Saints, Marrakesh United, Bahrain Bulls, Zurich Knights);



The latter doesn't have a results ladder because I've yet to think up how to automate one.


In the mean time, 14 league spots have been promised to players. In 18 hours I will no longer hand out new teams to applicants, in order to be ready for the season commencement; anyone who wants to join will need to accept management of an NPC team instead, and there probably won't be more than 5 of those available. If you read those game results and are remotely interested, act now.

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<ForSparta> I literally haven't been this excited for something since I saw my gf naked for the first timne


Round One, Season One Results



If IPB boards were more cooperative with copy/pasting in excel tables... oh well.


Hamilton City Highlanders 0 - 0(1) Zurich Knights

Goldshire Lions 1 - 2 Taipei Titans

Havana Hawks 0(1) - 0 Vladivostok Foxes

Indianapolis Mutants 2 - 0 Bahrain Bulls

Johannesburg Owls 2 - 1 Santiago Saints

Jackson Black Bears 1 - 5 Seoul Sharks

Irlanda Celts 0 - 3 Trenton T-Rexs

Alexandria Aces 2 - 0 Hamilton Tigers

Monroeville Zombies 0(1) - 0 Darwin Crocodiles

Fort Wayne Minutemen 0 - 1 Barkly Rovers


We have 9 teams currently being run by NPC- inquire either in #iihl or on the MI6 boards to Avakael if you wish to take one over.

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Round 2, Season 1 results



Taipei Titans 4 - 1 Hamilton City Highlanders

Zurich Knights 2 - 2(3) Vladivostok Foxes

Goldshire Lions 0 - 2 Bahrain Bulls

Havana Hawks 2 - 3 Santiago Saints

Indianapolis Mutants 1 - 5 Seoul Sharks

Johannesburg Owls 0 - 0(1) Trenton T-Rexs

Jackson Black Bears 4(5) - 4 Hamilton Tigers

Irlanda Celts 2 - 0 Darwin Crocodiles

Alexandria Aces 2 - 1 Barkly Rovers

Monroeville Zombies 0 - 0(1) Fort Wayne Minutemen


It's round 2 and the results are still confusing as hell for most sports fans. The NPC teams have repeatedly proven to generally have the edge over the player made teams. The difference has tended to come down to three things; firstly, the NPC teams have all tended to lean towards defence- some teams, like Havana, have stacked all four lines with some truly incredible players and left no weak spots. Secondly, the NPC teams appear to have planned their attack better; generally structuring lines around a single player with an exceptional ability to shoot goals (Accuracy/Power), and backing those individuals up on each line with two strong offence players to help them get opportunities (Speed/Teamwork). This leads to NPC teams generally having fewer shots on goal, but making more of those shots on goal count- the Goldshire/Bahrain game this round being the best example. Finally, many teams heavily leaning towards defence are more likely to force penalty shootouts, and some NPC teams are well planned to take advantage of the shootout order to bring a win home.


It remains to be seen whether any of the human run teams stand much of a chance to challenge the cup favourites, Seoul and Vladivostok; Fort Wayne, Hamilton Tigers and Trenton are considered the teams most likely to finish near the top of the ladder at the end, but will likely have to contend with other quality opposition in Zurich, Taipei and Havana.

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Season 1, Round 3 Results



Hamilton City Highlanders 2 - 1 Vladivostok Foxes

Taipei Titans 0 - 1 Bahrain Bulls

Zurich Knights 1 - 0 Santiago Saints

Goldshire Lions 1 - 3 Seoul Sharks

Havana Hawks 0(1) - 0 Trenton T-Rexs

Indianapolis Mutants 3 - 0 Hamilton Tigers

Johannesburg Owls 1 - 0 Darwin Crocodiles

Jackson Black Bears 1 - 3 Barkly Rovers

Irlanda Celts 0(1) - 0 Fort Wayne Minutemen

Alexandria Aces 1 - 0 Monroeville Zombies


This round, the NPC teams rock the player teams by winning all four of their games against players. The undefeated Trenton T-Rexs thus far have finally managed to suffer their first loss at the hands of the Havana Hawks. The game remained scoreless until a shootout decided the victor. On the other spectrum, the winless Darwin Crocodiles remain without any W's on the board by losing yet another round to the Johannesburg Owls.


We shall see if the players can switch up their rosters, and fire up their boys to come back next round.

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With Fort Wayne tipped to push for playoff places in week 2, Irlanda Celts pulled off a stunning coup by surviving and finally picking their shots in the shoot out to record their second in a row. Celt fans are really getting behind the underdog status with gusto, but how much longer can they be considered such if this form continues. 



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There's been another 6 rounds of this in the last 6 days.


R4: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vobvh77zbaucceo/S1R4.xlsx?dl=1

R5: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gai8gvevo2l0qif/S1R5.xlsx?dl=1

R6: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hps4p8x9otdjgn4/S1R6.xlsx?dl=1

R7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q3yks7g9t9ch2d3/S1R7.xlsx?dl=1

R8: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eejbkqidebe8rc3/S1R8.xlsx?dl=1

R9: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fbdyz6ayuyokb04/S1R9.xlsx?dl=1


A couple of sheet changes and formula tunings have taken place in that time; you'll now see a different version of the score calculator intended for speedier game calculation, and you'll also note that the Goalie roll is a d12 in normal play now, not a d20.


If you want to take over an NPC team, join #iihl on coldfront and speak to me. You will need to be attain a minimum of foreign guest access on the MI6 boards in order to see the forum where results, rules, trades and so on are posted.

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Incidentally, the league is now open to players wishing to a; take over an NPC team, or b; form and build their own team from scratch. You will be entered into the league upon the commencement of the second season (probably 2-3 weeks away, we need to get through retirements, player progression and the draft).

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