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LouisGatsby needs help w/ things on Cybernations


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1. How do you screeshot and send it on the forum or messaging?

2. How does a Alliance go to war w/ another Alliance?

3. If your the judge of an alliance, what is the first things and last things to say in a case?

4.What is the best strategy to winning a war?

5.How much money your willing to lose when you make a infrastructure jump?


Nation Ruler: LouisGatsby

Nation Name: Skyrims


be free to tell what should I fix for my nation

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1. You can take a screenshot by hitting the PrtScr button on your keyboard (which will capture an image of whatever's on your monitor), and then paste that into a graphics program such as MS Paint.  Save the file and send it as you'd send anything else.


2. Typically they will order their nations to attack nations in the opposing alliance, and will post a declaration of war in the Alliance Announcements forum - though it is not strictly required that both of those occur.


3. This must be something specific to the internal workings of your alliance - would need more information about this.


4. In general, be stronger and have more friends than your enemies.  For an alliance war, coordination is key.  For a single nation war, find nations who will be easy to damage (or loot from), and who will cause you little damage in return.


5. The cost of an infra jump will remain fairly unchanged unless you change your resources, improvements, etc.  Typical advice is to jump 500 infra beyond the jump point, though it may be possible to get away with only 300 and still come out ahead.

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