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A Joint Nordreich-LSF Announcement

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Announcer: We take you now to Imperial Living Room, capital of Ottawa Empire Redux, where kingzog, former Kaiser of Nordreich, is about to make an important announcement.


kingzog: Bismelesef.

Now hang on a moment....does that actually mean something?


So, some kind of corrupted, anglicized Arabic that sort of means 'In the name of the LSF?' You think? You don't know? You hand me copy and you don't know?


So when do we go live?

Oh sweet....


*clears throat*

Bismelesef. In the name of Nordreich.

Today, I come before you to announce a new chapter in Nordreich's relationship with the Libertarian Socialist Federation. Together we shall foster peace among nations and promote greater security in our ever-shrinking world.

If I may digress for a moment, I would ask you to cast your minds back to 2009, and the reformation of Nordreich. The Karma War was drawing to a close and there was hope of a new world, a new way of doing things. We who took part in the reformation of Nordreich took this ideal at its word. We announced our reappearance on the world stage without benefit of a protector; our way of testing just how serious this new way of doing things would be.

Not long afterwards, I personally approached the two leading Leftist alliances with a proposed agreement. It was a simple proposal, really: although we recognized our ideological differences, never again would we allow those differences to be the sole contributing factor in a decision to go to war against each other.

This proposal was rejected.

The reality was that it was still too soon after events like Nordland's destruction of the reformed ICP and other conflicts between Nordreich (and its offshoots) and various alliances constituting what one might call the 'CyberLeft'.

They did not trust us and, honestly, who could blame them? Given the actions of a certain former leader of this alliance, they had good reason not to take us at our word. Let me also say that they hoped very much that someone would come along and strangle us in the cradle. Again, all things considered, it is difficult to blame them.

Looking back I can see that perhaps I engaged in a bit too much idealism. I do not apologize for this, however, for nearly six years later my proposal has become reality.

Consider, if you will, the course of relations between Nordreich and the aforementioned 'CyberLeft' in the last nine years.

The first two years were times of tension and ideological conflicts.

This was followed by the attempted destruction of Nordland, and our year-long period of regroupment.

Since then, since Nordreich's rebirth, our mutual relations have not been tainted by any of the previous ideological nonsense. Yes, we have fought. And yes, there has been much name-calling from both sides, but at the same time there has grown a mutual recognition that a great deal has changed over the years.

It seems appropriate, then, that just one day after the Libertarian Socialist Federation's anniversary and just a few days before the anniversary of Nordreich's reformation, we should announce this agreement that brings us far closer than anyone ever thought possible.

What's funny, though, is that amidst all the negotiating we somehow neglected to give it a proper title. It is with this in mind that I present:





If you don't like that particular title then you can call it The Treaty of Paris or whatever else floats your boat. Regardless, in the spirit of a previous agreement between Nationalists and Leftists in another far-off and, perhaps, imaginary place, we have redacted the most interesting parts of this agreement until such time as we decide to invade and divide Polan....


*clears throat again*


I mean, given the long and complicated history of our relations, it is only understandable that we are reluctant to discuss our sensitive, protracted negotiations with the outside world beyond some vague generalities.


Ordinarily, this would be the point where I would answer your questions. However, given that I misspelled my own name when signing a treaty, it's clear that I'm in no state to do much of anything that requires any kind of concentration. I need either a coffee or a nap.


Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen. Stay tuned for information on how you may order your very own Nordreich-LSF 'friendship pin'.


Good night.


Announcer: That was kingzog, former Kaiser of Nordreich, announcing a....wait....what?

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i'm not sure which is more impressive; that this exists, or that for the most part i can't even be bothered to give a $%&@


Eh, I have to agree. The most relevant party effected by this is ...you?


With that NATO treaty gone. And NoR being nothing more than NGs shadow, this really changes nothing. 


cue panties getting all up in a bunch


Omg. o/ sekrit treaties.

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This is very disappointing. Zog forgot my name name again. :mad:
And no, we will not disclose the articles that was agreed upon and were redacted from the public.

I told you I'm terrible at this sort of thing.
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So LSF joins the ranks of Racist scum aswell. :gag:



o/ Racist FIlith


o/ Genocide


o/ Selling Out




Your alliance had the chance to so something about it, but when we told them to f* off, well, they basically did.

Edited by Nemhauser
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So LSF joins the ranks of Racist scum aswell. :gag:



o/ Racist FIlith


o/ Genocide


o/ Selling Out





As a jew I find this highly amusing. As MoFA, I think you should listen to our Kaiser. Pootle along.


o/ NoR

o/ Damn Leftists

o/ Redaction

Edited by Kaiser Hanssen
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I have been asked if this is "real" and if there is actually anything beneath the red portions. The answer is yes. Allow me to hold up the unredacted version of the agreement so that everyone can have a look:



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