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ODN Government Announcement

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Orange Defense Network




On this day we are happy to announce a new government. The Sec-Gen race saw the tightest race in years between the incumbent Peaches and Homeboy. Many dubbed this Sec-Gen election as the election between the two evils.




In the end it was I, homeboy, who came out victorious and dethrone the fake orange that had controlled us all. Without further ado, here is current government of the Orange Defense Network:



Secretary-General: Homeboy
Assistant Secretary General: OsRavan

Secretary of Defense: Vitsen
Secretary of Interior: Bucovina
Secretary of Economics: Hawspiper1983
Secretary of State: Salka Palmir

Senate LXV:

Infinite Citadel




The Network Hungers.




/End of Transmission




The era of Homeboy has begun


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