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Kushland extends their hand


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The fine nation of Kushland has risen from the smoke, if you will. A once proud, strong nation had fallen due to the sickness caused by war and poverty. In a land sticken of war, the people of Kushland suffered. Our culture, our way of life and our people were destroyed. Over the last 38 years, out nation has lived under the control of the Russian's. Today, we broke free in a vote of independence that seen an astonishing 87.36% majority to become independent from the Russian's. We look to grow in size and strength in hopes to once again rise but as a nation, we are smarter to know we can and should do it alone. We look for friends who will help our nation develop and grow, in turn growing a friendship in which we both find great power, strength and success through each nation.


Will you help us? 



Adolf Marley 

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