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A NATO - Doom Kingdom Announcement


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NATO - Doom Kingdom ODoAP




NATO and Doom Kingdom, the signatories, agree to the following clauses in the spirit of cooperation.


The signatories uphold and respect the sovereignty and welfare of each other. They will share information pertinent to the security of either.


Should a signatory come under or launch an attack, the other reserves the right to join hostilities in support.


This agreement can be cancelled with 72 hours notice.






For Doom Kingdom


Hapapants, Doomfather

Gh0s7, Doomanager
WhiteChocolate, Doombassador
Xavier Renegade Angel, Doomarshall
Banned, Doomerchant
Stonewall, Harbinger of Doom
Addaff, Doom Councilor
High Chancellor Liq, Doom Councilor
Supreme Emperor Daeg, Doom Councilor
Caliph, Doom Councilor
Mitch, Doom Councilor
Tsayka, Secretary General
asapilu, Secretary of Defense
SteelersFan, Secretary of Enlistment
Landon Esser, Secretary of Commerce
Oldself, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Tommyknocker2121, Chief Justice
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