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Invicta leak

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Dear God, that tie. And is that jacket velour? Please say it's velour. It sure looks like velour. Also, I like saying velour. Velour. Velooooooooooour.


I especially like that the next video Youtube queued up for me was 'Muslim Gender Interaction in the West'.

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That's great, I agree with Daimos that CN needs more Youtube videos. Maybe that could be a creative outlet for people to explore.

You should stop by the place Chax. Say hello to the folks and all.


I might just have to do that. :) 


Chax in Invicta is downright depressing. I reckons I hardly knew you!


I promised Invicta I'd join them a long, long time ago if I ever left (whatever alliance I was in at the time). I didn't join them. It's finally time for me to pay off that debt. RIP me. 

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