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The Socialist Republic of East Africa


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Long had the Imperials claimed a zone of influence over Eastern Africa, but now the claim had grown quite, technically on the books but not there.  Others had made claims to it.  Others had made claims over Africa.  But with the Athenian Federation in turmoil and the Persian Gulf assuming the position as the geographic pivot to the global supply chain.  


In this spirit, Operation V was launched to reestablish the Empire's position against two different fronts.  In the early hours of the morning deep water ports in in Somolia and Kenya were rapidly seized by special forces operating off cargo ships, clearing the way for the docking of multiple prepositioning ships to roll off heavy infantry forces, while the Airborne operating out of the Persian Gulf dropped a an airborne division to dig in along the Kenyan Southern Border.  Imperial Guard special operations forces along with the Rangers and Gurkha special airborne regiments would move in to seize air fields across Somolia and Kenya.  This would lead the way for command and control and A2 AD missile forces.  


Following on a Marine Expeditionary Task Force would begin landing Marine Forces to the North to hold against a counter action through Yemen.  


The invasion was coordinated with intelligence operations and assassinations of key leaders throughout Somolia and Kenya, targeting fundamentalist Islamists, African Nationalists, anti-Imperialists, Communists, and others who were not ready to play ball.  Those surviving were given a ultimatum, declare independence and invite the Empire in or die.  


Declaration of Existence


Today the Socialist Eastern African Republic declares its independence.  For too long we the people of Africa has been suffering from many threats.  To our North the menace of ISIS marches.  It seeks to take control of the entire Islamic World.  


To the South we see increasing rogue actions and attacks upon us.


Our traditional benefactor Athens lies mired in Civil War.  We the peoples of Eastern Africa cannot allow this.  Our own terrorist supporters especially Al Shabaab threatens us, and threatens to link up with ISIS and Arab Extremist Regimes.  We will not allow this.


To this end we turn to our friends and allies, the Empire of Tianxia who has long helped ensure our stability to form a strategic alliance.  We announce our intention to pursue a long term status of forces agreement and ensure Imperial Forces patrol our streets and our water ways and assert a control of a free Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea.


OOC:  This is a demilitarized puppet state.

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