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Defcon 1 Rd#35 "Tinfoil Hat"

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Defcon 1 is a compassionate alliance who stands for righteousness and honor in TE.  Our policey is to give members opportunity to learn and grow in a forum university enviroment. The building requirments apply to all and are enforced.  Alliance members are to follow build guides as best they can and will be coached only moderately.  The forum library is key to you understanding how to become a beast in this game.  Government in includes Fata1ity as owner and Cowboy as co-leader.  Further gov officials will be considered in the near future.

As a DEFCON 1 member you are to carry out missions as possible, remain active, and not cause grief or insult too other members in any alliance.  We expect you to use your social grace and positive remarks, no negative embarassents.

Last we want you to become professional, the tools are here.  So make us proud of your participation in the greatest alliance of TE.  

Enrollments required for each edition, easy serving

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Hey it's game time tomorrow............  TE grows another round, let all contribute to the growth and shaping of new nations.  Blast the rest!  GL to the Avengers, you make this a real chess game.  

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Welcome to the Official Forums of DEFCON 1!

Please begin by reading our Government Charter to understand how we operate and then complete the form below.


-Nation Name:
-Nation Link:
-Current Alliance:
-Alliance Position:
-What brings you to DEFCON 1:

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Report to Defcon 1 w/o spending any money.  Yeah if you want to be the best, you have to build better than the rest!  D1 is moving a mountain of firepower this edition w/ambition to grow your nation!   Make all applications accurate as your background for approval.


Forum link: http://defcon1.boards.net/




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