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Is there any relation between Doom Kingdom, Doom Squad, and Doom Bird Doom Cave? I find it all pretty confusing.

Yes, DBDC is Doom Kingdom's Big Brothers and Doom Kingdom is Doom Squad's Big Brothers... :awesome: Together, along with our many allies, we are Doomreich... :war:


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Franz still has a bad case of the crabs from the last time I gave him some loving.



Join DK today for the seafood!


hue hue.



Join today for Franz's Seafood Buffet!!


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You're going to have to do some image work for sra stonewall :D


Doom, the classiest propaganda in the game, the best strike teams in the sphere! 

We were born under a green light Daddy-O...Doom Kingdom is the place to be so gather up the family and head to Doomreich!


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