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Putin it in Stone, An Atlas Treaty Upgrade


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Putin It in Stone




Long have the Titans and the Communists supported one another with strength and wisdom. Each side has helped bring about prosperity in the other’s realm.  Henceforth, to show our sincerity to one another, we are enacting this accord. Through this treaty we establish that we are brothers in arms and shall commit and collaborate with one another.


Article 1: Vowed Protection


Should one signatory bleed and the other acknowledges that they must plunge bayonet and charge the lines if required.  Wounds heal, but with the aid of the signatory, they shall only grow stronger. Each side recognizes their promise to commit to the continued prosperity of the other.


Article 2: Matters of National Security


If one signatory gains intelligence that would affects either signatory, they will be notified and given immediate disclosure. Atlas Intelligence and NKVD will work together and will share any and all information as needed.


Article 3: Baptism in a Bar


Both Titans and Communists hold something very special in their hearts. Drink! We drink, we fight, and well we sing. For should a friend need an extra fist or a good old fashion molotov the other can offer it up.


Article 4: Money is of no Issue


In the event that either party is in need of aid to better establish their economic structure, both parties will comply towards that development. This includes the establishment of foreign aid for tech dealing purposes, rebuilding aid after a long bloody struggle, or the establishment of trade.


Article 5: Ain’t no Party, Like a Communist Party.


Both alliances will work together to get down with their bad selves whenever possible. The Communist will be responsible for bringing the vodka and the titans will bring the chairs. While also socializing on a day to day basis to spur gossip, rumors, scandals, and other things of great importance.


Article 6: Lack of Support

Should Atlas be unable to continue to lift the Union of Communist Republic’s spirits, or if the Union of Communist Republic’s no longer wishes to share the goods. This treaty will become void after 72 hours. A discussion period will be mandatory beforehand to try to work out any issues before it is formalized.



Signed for Atlas,


President - Alexio15

Vice President - Tevron

Chancellor of Foreign Affairs - Danger

Chancellor of Internal Affairs - Grealind

Chancellor of Finance - Bde

Chancellor of Culture - Outworld


Signed for Union of Communist Republics,


Premier - Killinginnocent

Commissar of Defense - RA2Leader

Commissar of Finance - AkkenNovikov

Commissar of Internal Affairs - WarrenJarol

Commissar of Foreign Affairs - Sergei Romanov

Commissar of Census - Sondirrasta



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Flags are uneven, this isn't official come on guys only I was allowed to make those mistakes :/


Nah, good to see it, lots of love for the Red Commies and my vast friends in Atlas.


o/ UCR

o/ Atlas


Shoutout Putin.

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