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LAN Party Gone Wrong


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It brings me great pleasure to announce the following:





Holed up in the Dark Pacific Accords

§1 The New Pacific Order and the Dark Templar met one day (which was actually late at night) at a LAN party. They found out that they fit well together, and decided to play some more.
§2 The signatories agree to tell each other about any cool new games they hear of that the other might like, or if someone is plotting to steal their games.
§3 The parties agree that they will trade cool hats and weapons with each other if they want to.
§4 If someone tries to pry either party away from their screen with talk about “getting some sunlight”, “playing outside”, or “not being asleep all morning”, the other party reserves the right to join in arguing that another twenty minutes wouldn’t hurt, and they are free people.
§5 If someone has seated themselves in either party’s couch and started to play on their computer, or scammed either party out of some refined metal, the other party has the option of joining them in dislodging the intruder and meting out justice.

§6 If the parties decide they should be getting a life, and start doing homework instead of having fun, they can cancel this treaty with a 48-hour notice.


Signed for the New Pacific Order,

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Dungeon Master of Order

Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Necoho & Scourge,

Imperial Officers of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order

Signed for the Dark Templar,

Terrence KrillinsHigh Templar of Finance (Bruce sucks, leafs suck)
StarcraftmazterHigh Templar of Defense



It was a pleasure to coordinate alongside Pacifica in this past conflict, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.
(also yes the flags are slightly off deal with it hart and Auctor) 
Edited by Bob
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The Prestige






[Revised title in the making.  Will be edited later.  Probably not, actually]


§7 Sheep Inc. is down with everything.


§8 Yes, everything.


§9 Except plagiarism.  Come on, guys, not cool.


§10 We all agree to meet every other Friday and talk about how Heat is a bit too underrated for our liking.


Back to your regular viewing...

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