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New Wonder " Space Lab Research"

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Space Lab Research, this wonder would allow your country to develope weapons of extrodinaire. Randomly apprearing in your nation to be avail to your controls.  This wonder would not always come thru and is a gamble to own it.
Ex; There could be 5 dif results that randomly appear in your nation's selections. Triggers increased chance of developement could be increased by tech.  
1. Lazer tech turning up the missle defense, SDI and protection from air. 
2. Rail gun, mounting on Naval powers increasing their destruction enormous.  
3. Global EMP Controls selecting one target to stagger building powers and growth. 
4. Epic Internet contols a counter to any of the Space Labs developements.  
5. Ultra Eco an enormous boost to your own growth. Special event selection allowing happiness or population boost. 
This new wonder would generate on its own and randomly appear. The wonder may not pay off and not develope.  The SLR would only grenerate one or two of the above developements with ownership.
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